Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Soups of Bombay

Soup, little bowls of pleasure. Do you like your soups? i like mine. I had the good fortune of having some pretty fantastic soup last night. Considering i dragged myself to go out and made plenty of fun of my mate who ordered it, i consider myself to taste any of it.

It was plain ol tomato soup, you see i am a soup snob (not quite a Nazi) it irritates me no end when my kid brother gets tomato soup, my wife gets tomato soup when its available. find it ludicrous as its almost always badly made, with cream and sweet and i find it such a cop out.

So as usual i proceeded to make fun of my friend who ordered it, having no idea what was in store for me. Luckily i didn't rib him too hard and when i got a taste, one spoon was enough to go snap snap, one for me too. They got me the wrong one, this one tasted nothing like the one my mate was having. So i asked em to sort it out and they did (hope they didn't spit in it)

What can you do with tomato soup anyway? Well quite a lot. The one we had was borderline criminal in how good it tasted. Garlic, herbs slightly thick, it tasted more like a complex dish rather than tomato and water (face it, thats what it breakdowns to) Pretty impressive.

Along with some soft bread, flavored butter, its manna from heaven. I would recommend folk head right over and have some at the Hornbys Pavilion right away. If it does not taste right, stir, if still does not work, ask them to give you the one with the garlic and herbs.

On the subject of soup some other places where i have had some great soup are

French Onion at Starters & More (terrible restaurant though)
Mulligatawny at Gallop,
Tom Yum at Oriental Blossom.

Pictures coming soon.

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