Thursday, October 26, 2006

Drinks - Recommendations

Just some random beverage recommendations.

Limeade - Corleone Intercontinental Marine Drive
Spicy Tom - Lotus Cafe - JW Mariott
Bloody Mary - Gallop , Turf Club
Stella Artois - Everywhere
Dos Equis
Riesling - Dr. Konstantin Frank Winery Finger Lakes, NY (Spatlese)
Sula Shiraz - Sula Vineyard India
Thums up - Coca Cola India
Limca - Coca Cola India
Tropicana - Orange Juice
Appy Fizz
Shiraz Rose - Grover Vineyards India
Johnny Walker Black Label
Absolut Pepper
Margaritas Frozen - Don Pablos, Rochester NY

The Distillery - Mt Hope, rochester

i know i know, this isnt bombay but hey, this is my blog. so read and enjoy it.

The Distillery was a stones throw from a few friends who lived together on 365, Mt Hope bag opp the Mt. Hope Cemetery. The place itself is a sports bar and is typical wood, big tvs, nice big bar, very good help as well.

It gets superfriggincrowded, people have to WAIT to get a table from the middle of the week onwards. A friend said they were opening closer to where i used to live in Henrietta and another further up in Pittsford. Good for them.

They had a nice expansive menu and i usually got Bruschetta ($6.59) Loaded Fries ($6.99) Cheese Quesadillas ($6.50) Nachos ($6.50) Garden Burger ($6.50)

Topped with $4 Margaritas which used to also end up being 1 for 1 free and was one of the few places in Roc that served Stella Artois. I regret not having more American Beer while i was in America.

A meal from memory lane - Aladdins Natural Eatery

Aladdins is one of my fav restaurants anywhere. My first experience was at their Ithaca outlet which is just of Cornell the Cornell campus. It was a memorable meal coz i was accompanied by three very pretty ladies.
Anyway they have a few other branches in Pittsford & Monroe Ave both in Rochester and one more in Syracuse.

The food itself is a splendid mix of Mediterranean and it walks a fine line between Italy and the middle east along with some bits of Greece. The food itself is just fantastic. I used to eat there so much i got sick of it.

My usual meal there comprised of
Veg Chili ($2.95) which was served with Pita also a must have was an order of their Hummus ($5.50) also served witht he Pita.

The next course was usually very difficult because the usual option was a fab medit salad with feta cheese and greens ($5) or a falafal pita ($4.25)  or plain Falafal platter ($4) which came with some hummus and tahini yoghurt sauce.

The pasta were very interesting from memory they offered you a choice on what pasta you wanted and thats not what shape but literally how you wanted them flavoured. like plain or one was some red pepper thing another was pistachio. very awesome.

they had quite a few options but the ones i usually picked were Pistachio which was pasta in creamy sauce with pine nuts and goat cheese ($7.95) Pesto and Parmesan ($7.50)

Desserts were ok. i always went for the Spanakopita. The amazing thing is you would end up spending maybe $30 on a meal for two people and thats a lot less than what i have paid for some crappy meals in 5 Star Hotels (read Souk at the Taj)

The wine list was ok from but the memories were great! next time i am in new york im bloody driving up the 6 hours to rochester for a meal.

Monday, October 09, 2006

Indigo Deli

Rest : Indigo Deli
Meal : Birthday Lunch
Date : 2/10/2006
Location :Colaba
Company : Pie, Vishal

Experience - Well we were hungry and couldnt think of any other place to go. So we headed off to the Deli. It was crowded and they asked us to wait an HOUR. Then immediately offered us a table, we barely got our drinks and then they moved us to a booth. thank god for waiting.But then they continued to make us wait for our bloody food. 25 mins exactl till anything came onto the table.

Drink : Fruit Punch, disgusting looks, good taste.

Food : Well it was more of the same really. Although we all refrained from eggs as it was late. I got the spagetti without meatballs, vishal got a salad in balsamic vinegar and pie got their thin crust pizza with olives and mushrooms. The pasta was bloody fantastic. It sucks that i have to choose between things. The pizza i dont find that impressive anymore. i mean its thin, so bloody what. The salad again, was not too bad but not impressive in any way. The roasted mushrooms were bloody fantastic.
overall a good meal and def go there again.

Rating : Food 9/10, Service 6/10

Damage : 1400($32 )

Lotus Cafe


Rest : Lotus Cafe
Meal : Birthday Dinner
Date : 2/10/2006
Location : J W Mariott
Company : Pie, Vishal

Experience -  We walked around the entire hotel hoping for something interesting food wise. But all the other restaurants Saffron, Mezzo Mezzo offer a very generic experience so we settled on the Lotus Cafe which had a bloody buffet but atleast variety.

Drink : Spicy Tom (Best F****** drink ever had two) Brownie shake, they made it specially for pie.

Food : Well it was a buffet. They had a limited salad bar, cheese and crackers, soups (very weak selection of one veg and one non veg) No pasta selection, a pizza stand (avg pizza) tempura stand (above average) pasta made to order would have been nice too. No real selection of breads. The majority of the food was indian so you had some good paneer, excellent dal, your usual nan, biryani, yoghurt etc etc. The Desserts were allright too, nice big selection, cakes, cheesecakes, choc fondue thingy, ice creams. End of the day only thing memorable was the bloody drink, spicy tom.  

Rating : Food 9/10, Service 6/10

Damage : 1800 ($40)

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