Thursday, September 21, 2006

Lings Pavilion

Rest : Lings Pavilion
Meal : Lunch
Date : 19/9/2006
Location : Near Regal, Colaba
Company : Pie

Experience - Pangs of hunger, a movie showing, decision between China Garden, Royal China and Lings. We chose Lings coz i hadnt been there in YEARs and since it was a quick meal i decided not to go to China Garden which isnt a rush rush place nor Royal China which i wanted to try out and came highly recommended. The service at the restaurant was terrible at best.

Drink : Fresh Lime Soda, Pepsi

Food : We ordered the Veg Noodle Soup (very average) sweet corn soup. Both soups were pretty pedestrian. The starter was a steamed wanton, which was ok, not too bad but nothing to write home about. Main course was mushrooms, in a black sauce which was not too bad, with terrible pan fried noodles. Pie had the potato thing, which was i think a schezuan potato, not too bad. i think rice would have been a better choice, but overall the meal wouldnt have been tht much better.

Rating : Food 6/10, Service 4/10

Damage : 900($20 )

Monday, September 18, 2006


Rest : Corleone
Meal : Sunday Brunch
Date : 18/9/2006
Location :The Intercontinental, Marine Drive
Company : Pie

Experience - 1 pm sunday afternoon,proper italian in mind. Only real options are Trattoria at the president, i wouldnt mind but its just too generic an experience or Vetro which i dont know enough about and expect to be a complete rip off as well.We got a prime table, overlooking marine drive. excellent location. Service was top notch. best i have had in a while. Attentive, caring and non intrusive.

Drink : Lemon Something (not lemonade) Ice Tea

Food : Before i begin, everyone needs to try that lemon drink. holy cow, it was good. it was coke, mint, lemon, sugar etc. It was a complete wow. Now the soups were Pomodor (tomato) which was excellent, well done, unique taste and Minestrone (very bad) bland, tasteless and no amount of salt and pepper solved anything. The appetizer was mushroom in olive oil and stuffing. Very good, the oil and stuffing didnt overpower the mushrooms taste. We then went for a pizza The siciliana which was sundried tomato, two cheeses, olives. Not too bad. thin crust, well made, i dont like olives, but it was pretty good.
Next time im going to go for pastas (they have an impressive selection) and leave pizzas out. For dessert we got the Lindt special, which was a lindt choc brownie with icecream. not too bad. but not worth the 20 min wait.
overall a good meal and def go there again.

Rating : Food 9/10, Service 9.5/10

Damage : 1600($35 )

Dum Pukth

Rest : Dum Pukth
Meal : Dinner
Date : 17/9/2006
Location :ITC Grand Maratha Sheraton, Airport Road
Company : Pie

Experience - classy decor, very comfortable seating. emptyish however. the whole hotel itself seems like it is on some kind of a downward spiral. not a hot shot place not entirely run down. more like its on the way down. we were actually trying to get to Bandra to go to Papa Panchos but Bandra Fair traffic was murder and we ended up here.

Drink : Thandai

Food : We ordered the thandai for a drink it was excellent. We opted to avoid appetizers and soups and go straight to the food. So we got the paneer in tomato gravy, excellent, succulent paneer, lightish gravy. great taste. The Dal Makhani, again, excellent, distincitve taste, well done. The Naan, which was ok (no one makes the Naan like Masala Kraft at Taj) then the Biryani, which was average (ive had better at Shamiana and Palms) with garlic raita. Overall the meal was good but short of excellent.

Rating : Food 8.0/10, Service 9/10

Damage : 1700($38 )

Saturday, September 16, 2006

Henry Tham

Rest : Henry Tham
Meal : Lunch
Date : 16/9/2006
Location :Colaba, next to Tommy Hilfiger
Company : Pie

Experience - nteresting decor, its very non- Chinesish in its look. Modern, Sushi barish. The ground floor has a few tables, a lounging area and a long bar. The upper floor has a few tables. HUGE red chairs. Not the most ergonomically efficient design. but what it leaves you with is an unsually largish, open space to dine in. You do have to sacrifice intimate corners for tht. It seems def form and style over everything else. Not a good idea for a restaurant.

Drink : Aqua

Food : I opted for the set lunch which comes with a soup (hot and sour, very good) appetizer (grilled tofu, suspiciously Hakka style, very weak) main course of Hakka noodles (allright) with veggies in garlic sauce (nice, very nice but weak veggie choice) boiled veggies (excellent, top notch) and green beans in some crap (avg) The dessert was choc mousse, something white in a big thing of ice and fruits (avg again) Overall it was a promising meal, i think dinner would be more of an experience then lunch. They do serve these peanuts which are boiled and marinated in something (EXCELLENT!!!)

Rating : Food 7.0/10, Service 4.5/10

Damage : 800($15 )

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Goa Break!

So was in goa for the weekend. a rundown on the meals

Hotel Breakfast
Hotel Breakfast consisted of eggs sunny side up, toast, juice, coffee. Avg breakfast, not too bad, nothing overly dramatic either.
Puri Bhaji - Spicy, in the morning, never had this for breakfast before. Well done, but not something id like to try again
Aloo Paratha with Yoghurt - Not bad, the parathas were cool, with a helping of onion in it, just wish they were warmer.

Hotel Dinner
Hummus - Not too bad, served with soft whole pita, which were very good. Chana masala and puris (hate puris) but the thing wasnt bad. not too spicy either. The fried rice was disgusting.

A goa instituiton on Bagha beach. Not too bad, the ambience is nice, chilled out as most places. The crowd is a mix of family, celebrity, wanna be and the expected dosage of expats.
We had the paneer tikka which was excellent. Really enjoyed it. Chewy, soft and very tasty. Lasagna, not too bad but not exactly what i would expect of a lasagna. Interesting but not recommended. Tiramisu was ok, but weak. Chocolate Walnut thingy wasnt too bad. Drinks Kingfisher, Bacardi Breezers, Damage 540.

Dont recall the name
There was this restaurant just off Calangute Beach opp some clothing stalls. Not too bad. we only got some soup and pizza margeritha. Excellent pizza, very well done with mozzarella cheese and oregano. Def recommend it.
Drink - Mineral Water , Damage 150.

Its a meditarranean lounge/restaurant. It had an extensive menu but we didnt want to experiment too much so we went for the Mezze platter which came with some excellent hummus, baba ganoush, tabouleh and cacik. all of it was bloody excellent. didnt expect such good med food in Goa. The restaurant has a branch in Delhi in GK1 for anyone who wants to try. Drink - Sula Zinfindel (excellent, had a whole bottle at Trattoria in Bom) Baileys, Damage 950

Desperate lunge for food at the airport. mixed emotions. The stall offered batata vada and cheese sandwich which was top notch, bloody excellent. while the restaurant served some disgusting noodles.
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