Monday, October 29, 2007

Kebabs n Kurries

Rest : Kebabs n Kurries
Location : ITC, Grand Central
Company : Ze Wife

Late urge for Indian food, we strolled in around 10.30, were seated promptly, it was mostly full. The place is like any other 5 star hotel eatery, fine dine set up, comfy seats, dim lights.

Kebabs n Kurries blends the signature dishes from the ITC line of Indian restaurants. So even if you dont have a Bukhara around and the Peshawari and Dum Pukth are too far you can still taste the goods.

The service was prompt, attentive and friendly. The food was out of this world. We avoided the kebabs and went straight into the food. The Paneer Makhani from their Dum Pukth brand, stuffed with peas and other veggies, different but mind numbingly good. The Dal Bukhara a Bukhara specialty and boy it was just delectable. We debated between the white rice and the sweet pulao and went for the latter.
The pulao was interesting, sweetish but not really, went just amazingly with the dal.

Overall the meal was splendid. I would recommend this place anytime, any place. already looking forward to stepping in there again.

Food 9/10 Service 9/10

Damage: immense, 2200 for 2 without drinks

Lemon Grass

Rest : Lemon Grass
Company : The Boys n Ze Wife
Meal : Dinner
Location : Phoenix Mills

Lemon Grass at Phoenix Mills is a great option for a mixed Asian meal, although it has a strong Thai menu, they do serve some other Oriental dishes as well.

The restaurant is very well priced, even with drinks you would be able to stretch the currency plenty.

We got the platter that serves 2, it comes with mushrooms, spring rolls, paneer or tofu and some potato. Its a good way of getting a feel for the menu, the mushrooms and paneer are the highlight. The tom yum was allright, little too spicy for me. The Green Curry and the Mongolian BBQ were just top notch. Two things you must get when you are there.

The problem with them is that their service is at best incompetent. The help always gets the order wrong, they dont have dishes sometimes, overall they just dont offer a positive experience. I dont want to have to worry if i am going to get what i ordered.

Not sure if i would go back, though i love the food.

Food 8/10 Service 3/10


Rest : East
Meal : Dinner
Company : Gotti, Ze Wife

East is a pan Asian restaurant but what sets it apart is that is offers some Malaysian dishes which are not usually available at other pan-Asian restaurants.

The decor is tikiseque, reminds me of Penang in NYC. However it has a fine dine feel to it and offers a upscale environment.

Food : The menu is short, and sweet, We started with some really bland steamed wontons def avoidable, the roti canai was a welcome dish, wished for more Roti however it was not great but it was def not bad. So far the only place i know that serves this. The green curry was not bad, the singapore noodles were average, the tofu was good.

overall the place has potential, it just needs to take the food up a notch and round out the edges.

the service is slightly scatter brained but friendly.

overall the damage was 1700 for 3,

food 8/10 service 8/10
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