Tuesday, May 20, 2008


Restaurant : Peshawri
Location: ITC Grand Maratha, Near Sahar, International Airport,
Meal : Dinner
Company: Ze Frau

Peshawari is a clone of the Delhi based Bukhara a revered name in food circles. To protect their brand equity Bukhara clones nationwide are known as Peshawari, same menu, same ambiance but lower prices.

Additionally being part of the ITC group means you can expect good service and exquisite food (i have had very few bad meals at ITC restaurants) however my streak sort of came to an end this weekend.

After debating between Peshawari & Celini we chose Peshawari as it was virgin terrirotry. The restaruant is modeled after the famed Bukhara down to the tie around napkin. The seating is expansive but backless stools make a long meal uncomfortable.

The ambiance is nothing to write home about, merely adequate. The menus came pretty quick, a heavy wooden half plank,listing six-seven veg/non-veg. Paneer, Aloo, Pepper, Dal etc. On asking how they are prepared we were told its a kebab restaurant and there would be no gravy nor would there be any rice.

Shocked out of my wits but there was more to come. The prices for each platter are 1050 (for maybe4-5 pieces) We chose the Aloo as it was recommened, the Dal Bukhara along with the garlic naan and rooma roti.

The food was a major dissapointment. A restaruant as famed as this, offered a tasteless, bland unimaginative, aloo preparation, the famed ITC dal bukhara was also not very tasty, a complete let down. Kebabs n Kurries the ITC restaurant at Parel offers a way better experience all around. Our server Graham sensed we were unhappy and insisted on taking the platter to show the chef.

This turned into a minor controversy,after we recieved the check the head server requested us to stand by for Chef Gaurav. The chef poor sod said he had never had complaints for the aloo and wished we had brought it up sooner so he could remedy it. Spent quite a few minutes trying to figure out what exactly went wrong and finally we were told to come again and give them another chance. It was a good 10 minute conversation.

Overall, the restaurant is a speciality joint, so be prepared for a limited menu and not much beyond that. They were nice enough to make the rice for us and i appreciate them breaking a little rule like that to keep the guests happy.

The food is weak, i think Dum Pukth a few feet away is a vastly superior restaurant with a mor varied though generic menu. Neither is a patch on Kebabs n Kurries (KK offers a great experience as it offers all the famed ITC recipes from all its restaurants under one roof)

The damage was also fairly severe without drinks at 2400. However they were nice enough to waive of the kebab platter as we were clearly
dissatisfied to round of at 1400.

I would wager the non-veg is where it lies for them and would urge people to give them a try, if nothing for the tremendous service.

Food : 4/10 Service 10/10
Damage : For 2 without drinks 2400

ITC Grand Maratha,
Sahar Road, Andheri, Mumbai,


Pete said...

Really liked your frank comments. I dined at Peshawri last year, was also told about their famous Dhal Bukhara which purportedly took 18 hours to cook. I didn't think it was all too special as well, but my colleagues were lapping it up, exclaiming that it was the best dhal they've ever had. Well, I guess that's happens in a place which has a reputation which precedes everything else - one can get blind-sided!

Gaurav said...


Thanks for your comment.I ate the veggie stuff and it was unimpressive but their non-veg is their specialty.

The Dal was not good, its just that i have had much better in the same hotel (at Dum Pukth) and regularly at their other property (Kebabs n Kurries at ITC Parel) so i know that it was weak.

As for the 18 hour bit, i know someone on the inside, ill try and find out if they actually cook it that long or not.


Anonymous said...

Hey Gaurav,

As you rightly said Peshawari is known for its non-veg stuff and myself and my family swear by it. If you are a meat eater like my Dad, there is no other place than Peshawari.

I actually love the Dal there and yes there are better options but that does not mean this is bad, this is equally worth lapping up. Especially if you compare it to your neighbour hood UDIPI joint.

I'm sure that if you go to the north, the dal is far better than what you get at Kebabs and Kurries as well.

Like my father says, if you are a vegetarian don't bother going to Peshawari, though we do know many vegetarians who actually like the stuff. Peshawari is for the meat fans.

Gaurav said...


Thanks for your comment. i think that food is food and non-veg should be as good as veg.

besides the famed Dal Bukhara was just terrible.. maybe they had an off night.. becuase kebabs n kurries uses the same Bukhara/Peshawri recipe and churns it out immaculately.

I do agree with you that its really a non-vegetarians delight and sometimes we vegetarians should just shut up :)


Joe said...

Hey there -- sorry I didn't circle back on this sooner. We took your recommendation in email for Bukhara when we were in Mumbai back in December 2009.

You're absolutely right: for non-vegetarians, this place is excellent. We had the Sikandari Lamb and the giant prawns (can't remember the name of the dish) as well as some very good naan. They were both wonderful, with the lamb very tender and almost falling off the bone. We also tried the Dal Bukhara and thought it was good.

The only downside is that it was way too much food for two people, especially two people getting on a flight to Amsterdam (then on to Detroit) in a few hours. But it was great!

Gaurav said...

Hi Joe,

Glad you enjoyed it. ive taken the KLM-NW flight a few times.. i know what you mean.

Anonymous said...

Hi Gaurav,

I loved dal bukhara from Peshawri :-p. Now, after reading your review I cannot wait to try it at kebabs n curries...

One dish that is awsome at Peshawri is their raan (shredded lamb meat, flavoured with mild spices). I know someone from US who cannot leave Mumbai without eating raan when he is on official visits and in fact he urges anybody visiting from there to try this atleast once !
Like someone said in comments, portions are huge and no way 2 people can finish it off.

Did not try anything veg in Peshawri apart from the daal (which I thought that was the best I had eaten till then :), now will surely check Kebabs n ...).
But overall like the restaurant for their food and service.
Agree with you on the uncomfortable seating arrangement.


Gaurav said...

Hi Archana, thanks for writing. I have heard good things about the Raan but never tried it as i am mostly a vegetarian.

Kebabs n Kurries i highly recommend, my brother had his anniversary dinner there and i was in and out very quickly and just tasted the dal and it was just brilliant, i miss going to the ITC as often as i used to.. but its just impossibly expensive now to visit regularly.

I was also at the ITC Parel for an atrocious sunday brunch and tomorrow my best mate comes in for a few hours and we will possibly grab a bite at Dakshin..


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