Friday, March 13, 2015

The Bombay Canteen

Rest : The Bombay Canteen 
Meal : Dinner
Loc : Kamala Mills

The Bombay Canteen is possibly the hottest dining ticket in the city right now, tables are extremely hard to get and are much sought after. It is Floyd Cardoz's India debut and is high on concept, of all the recent openings thus far, it is definetely the most innovative. From the register like menu, to the Rooh Afza bottles for water and of course the food.

The menu is rather limited and can best be descibed as India inspired, most dishes spin out of familar things but go their own way pretty quickly. They have a chotta and bada concept (some of it is pretty large) and they also have the chintu which float around and should be grabbed everytime they pass by. 

the boiled egg was a chintu with a filling of egg bhurji i reckon, delicious.

Fried lotus stems are so much better than regular chips, SO MUCH BETTER. Lotus stems should be on more menus i reckon.

cheese sticks. what is not to like ? 

the moong dal fritters, very good, tasty chutney but the chana kachumbar mix was diabolical. they need to put it on the menu as a separate listing all together. this was gone very very quickly. 

they do a selection of toasts, this was the spicy tomato bit with peanut salsa and home made paneer. Tad spicy and a little underwhelming but by no means bad. 

the eggs kejriwal were unlike any i have had but were terrific. easily one of the starts of the menu. def get them whilst there. 

the masala coke, was smaller than id like and had more masala than id like. could be improved. 

so the indian tacos were dissapointing, didnt go anywhere, too gimmicky. although i am told the non-veg taco was terrific. 

so this was my main, the baked cabbage and paneer kofta, the first serving was over salted so we sent it back. it came back somewhat fixed but not quite. i had it with a steamed garlic bun which was terrific and must be had. 

the old monk rum laden gulab jamun was terrific. a combination that works extremely well together. 

the guava pastry with mirchi ice cream was okay, i didnt find it to be that great but everyone else loved it. 

the falooda sundae with some skim milk. terrific. a falooda SUNDAE so simple yet so amazing. 

the ice cream sandwich was dissapointing all around. the bon bon and jim jam are great but need to perhaps switch the ice cream filling. 

the masala chai popsicles were exactly as weird as they sound. look like kulfi but taste just like frozen chai (not as bad as it sounds) my companions liked this more than i did. 

Overall, the space is pretty cool, the vibe is great and its heaving with people. So for now, its def going to be the place to go.

I was the sole vegetarian of the crew and i found the food to be okay, the menu is kinda eclectic and fairly limited. Its not traditional in any sense. I am told they will take another two months or so to add more veg options. So the place def does have potential, hope to check them out in a month or two.

Also, as @anaggh rightly pointed out, the menu is kinda limited therefore will have to change frequently otherwise one could go through it all in two visits and then it gets kinda boring.  the word is that the menu will change every couple of months.

The non-veg was voted to be amazing, so i guess meat eaters should not feel shy about ordering.

The desserts range from terrific to good to weird good. So no chance of making a mistake there.

Service was quick, prompt and friendly. Id say go for it.

Special thanks to @dharmeshg @qtfan and @anaggh for a great evening out, sorting out the table and eveything else.

Food : 7/10
Service : 8/10
Damage : 12000 for 4 w cocktails

Friday, February 06, 2015

Sassy Spoon

Rest : Sassy Spoon
Meal : Dinner
Loc : Express Towers, Nariman Point.

Finally, Mrs Jain, Miss Jain and i set out to have dinner, this was the Mrs J's first night out since December, was our wedding anniversary and was also the first time Miss Jain was going to be out in public. we chose Sassy Spoon because it wasnt too far from home and there would be no parking issues. In addition, a bunch of family members were there a few days ago and loved it. 

So, the space is kinda rustic in a hipster sort of way, if you dont look around at people you dont feel like you are in Bombay. there is an  outdoors section which is a good choice on Feburary evenings. The menu is predominantly Italian-Mediterranean. I didnt see any salads on the dinner menu but i am told they do serve that as well as sandwiches at lunch as well as a breakfast menu on weekends. 

Bread basket was strictly okay. nothing great. 

The White Onion & Smoked Scarmoza was excellent, though i didnt get a very strong onion flavour in it, nor was the cheese overpowering the taste. it was somewhere in the middle. A light start to the meal.

The Ricotta Ravioli with walbuts & pine nuts was just fantastic. A garlic infused sauce, this should be a main, its a shame its on the appetizer list. I wouldnt order ravioli for an appetizer but this was higly recommended by mates and def a must have. 

The berry cooler with bluebrry, some orange and lots of kala khatta. i never get coolers because they are always weird mixes but anything kala khatta i will try and it was freaking awesome. a little too sweet but still diabolically delicious. 

spaghetti in lemon buerre and parmesan was lovely. dryish, the lemon flavour was very subtle. Mrs Jain who is a fan of aglio olio style, enjoyed this a great deal. 

while, i loved my mushroom tortelini in a porcini sauce. both things worked well together and the dish tasted fantastic. i found this to be superior to the spaghetti. while mrs Jain found it otherwise. 

the rasberry sorbet was way too sweet, sickly sweet in fact. 

the mousse cake was good but i ate it under protest because frankly, mousse is just boring. 

Overall, the ambiance is lovely and the food excellent, no complaints, other than the fact that the portions are kind of smallish, a little bit more would be very welcome, or maybe i am just a greedy pig and shouldnt be complaining.

The service though was outstanding. We were out with a baby for the first time and they went out of their way to be helpful, got us an extra chair, helped set up the carry cot so we could keep Miss Jain in the middle. They were on the money with the recommendations as well.

If they can dial down their propensity for going overboard when sugar is in play, this would be damn near perfect.

Super impressed.

Food : 8/10
Service : 9/10
Damage : 3000 without drinks.

Saturday, January 17, 2015

A Tale Of Two Thalis

As mentioned before, i was parked at the Saifee Hospital for a bit and took an outstation guest for lunch to Golden Star which is just around the corner. For some reason Golden Star has never really been high on our radar, perhaps because my dad never favoured it and also because it has no parking available.

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Thalis have become more and more about excess, cramming things in and offering vareity as well as more and more desserts.

While the food on the whole was pretty good, no complaints with quality or taste. I do think that adding Dal Bati which was strictly okay was excessive and its not quite Gujju. The Undhiyu too is always around in these months but is a specialist dish it should be done carefully. I am not a fan of puris either, a bhakri would have been kind of good.

In any case this was my guests first thali ever and he loved the experience. The service was pretty slack and i had to pretty much ask for everything i wanted which is the sign of a badly run crew. The dhokla showed up only twice.

Price wise, it was def not cheap, 400 bucks per person is hefty.
A photo posted by Gaurav (@gauravgjain) on

A photo posted by Gaurav (@gauravgjain) on
One of my fav meals, this one, i cant go more than a month without a visit. this one too was pretty spectacular, Luckliy enough on a weekday we were able to get our tables without too much of a wait.

Overall, nothing new except the awesome food but the beans which were very tasty but seemed kind of odd, i wouldnt have expected them in a meal like this. Will check up on this when i can but there is little to complain about here. Rasam & Sambar were terrific, the buttermilk was super spicy and yoghurt as it should be - tangy. The tamarind chutney was awesome too.

Bliss. at 150 bucks.
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