Thursday, May 29, 2008

Cafe Basilico

Rest : Cafe Basilico
Location : Bandra, Pali Hill
Meal : Late Lunch

Cafe Basilico is an old fav though we dont get out there as often as we would like. They have two branches one in Colaba and one in Bandra. There is not much to choose from between the two, however the ambiance is different in both places.

You can feel the south bombay and bandra vibes in both places respectively. The menu has been revamped recenlty which is good. i do think the service in Bandra is a notch above the service in Coalaba.

We started off with a Diet Coke & Ice Tea. The tea was pretty good.

The Balinese curry is a menu staple and a complete must have. You can switch the rice with couscous, though either way its a splendid must have dish a tasty, thick dish.

The Risotto, mushrooms with a tomato compote. This dish was quite spectacular, i reckon one of the best risottos , i have had anywhere. A dish i can remember just by thinking about it. Etched in the back of my brain. The tastes was amazing, the risotto itself was ok, however the compote mixed in with it was just wild.

Overall, you really cant go wrong with Cafe Basilico, the crowd in Bandra is on the younger side but otherwise, great food, good service, lovely afternoon out.

Food : 9/10
Service : 8/10
Damage 1300

Cafe Basilico
St. John Road, Opposite Gold's Gym
Pali Naka
Bandra (W), Mumbai 67039999


Rahul said...

What kind of food is served at this place?

Gaurav said...

its the middle east meets the Mediterranean, meets Asia.

so you have risottos, pastas, salads as well as some unique dishes with an Asian flavor.

Kasturi said...

Hey, had heard so much about Basilico tried them out a couple of weekends back. Lovveed their ice tea, it was perfect!....but their portions are super small i thought...and we'd ordered for the much talked about blue berry cheesecake....and it had a base of coconut of all the things...disappointing...theobroma does much better cheesecakes

Gaurav said...


that is quite an old review, i am sure i did one post this one. i end up at CB often.

In all honesty, i have had no complaints about the restaurant at all. I find the portions to be adequate.

As for cheesecake... i agree with you there, people know how to screw them up good in India.

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