Thursday, May 29, 2008

Best Dosa !!!!

As my friend Deap Ubhi said recently, eating at malls is usually very iffy. I rarely do but here is one gem. There is a south indian specialty shop in the food court and they do a Garlic Dosa, takes about 8 mins to prepare, there is not much to it but man it goes down well. The garlic, the cheese, the fresh hot dosa down to a crisp.

There are other Dosa guys too, the one by Breach Candy parking lot being top amongst them, however his garlic chutney is what makes his food rise above.

This is one Dosa worth having at a mall.

Atrial Mall
Worli Sea Face


nandita said...

Which mall? WHich counter?
I hate most mall food - BLAH!!
And garlic in a dosa doesn't appeal to my tambram tastebuds, but you make it sound like its worth a try :P
Hope the SS goons are not after your blog to change the name :P will take them a few decades to get to that level of savviness i guess

Anaggh A. Desai said...

Deap; Mall your comments are definitely wide starting from lokhandwala right to town!!! Let me know if you want a couple of cart authentic dosas in between....

Gaurav said...


Well we have some good cart dosas right here in Breach Candy.

It was just something that was a pleasant surprise. Every time i end up at Atria i ensure i bite into the Dosa.

Although last time they were shut in the middle of the day.

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