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London Eats Part 1


im back after my little fortnight away, a brilliant time it was. Saw some old friends and ate out as much as i could.

I will update the eats as i go along, however i want to make sure people dont mind reading about stuff which is not Bombay based for the next few updates. I have been getting some grief about not being all over Bombay and being a vegetarian.

If this is not what folks want, i can skip the excercise and stick to Bombay.

Do let me know.



1 clink street
(opposite vinopolis)

Wagamama is a set of noodle bars across England, there are plenty of options for vegetarians and others, the food is pretty good and the place is quirky as in the food comes as it is ready so you could get your appetizers after the main course.

The place is very very busy and quite popular, we visited the one at South Bank for a late late lunch and the place was still packed to the hilt.

be careful with the soups they are HUGE ! in fact you eat the soup with a serving spoon. The food can be a little on the lighter side when it comes to taste so dont expect heavily spiced Indian Chinese.

The decor is minimalist and the ambiance is peppy, lovely place for lunch. meal for 2 without alcohol would run about £25-30


Wahaca was a brilliant night out more because we had good friends there with us after a long long time. The place is extraordinarily popular and does not do reservations, the wait can be anything between 30-90 minutes. We spent close to a 100 quid at the bar waiting for our table.

The food is more authentic mexican than the usual cheesy tex mex, the taste is drier and less intense then what most tex mex eaters are used to. The ambiance is youthful and the prices on the lower side for a place in covent garden.

The best dish, not pictured here was the butternut pipian. fantastic !

A brilliant little thing is the sangrita which is basically very very fine tequila served with a spicy bloody mary like concoction. Both are in equal proportion and the idea is you sip both one after the other. Very different to the cheaper chugging tequila !

Meal for two would run £ 25-30.

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