Thursday, May 29, 2008

Cafe Moshe

Rest : Cafe Moshe
Loc : Crosswords, Kemps Corner
Meal : Sunday evening snack

My routine for Sunday afternoons is a walk up to Crosswords, spend about an hour looking at books and then heading upstairs to the Cafe Moshe coffee shop. Moshe Shek, the man in charge of the Moshe's chain has made a serious contribution to dining out in Bombay.

Not only is the food at the various incarnations of Moshe fairly interesting, it is priced fairly reasonably as well. Not only do you get a good culinary experience, he does not make you pay through the nose for it either.

The menu at the number of cafes's is usually limited, they have a few pasta items, a few sandwiches etc etc.

We started off with the usual Diet coke, although they have a long list of drinks of their own, Limeade, Peachy Cheek are amongst the popular ones.

Baked Penne, is another must have while at Cafe Moshe. Its penne baked with lots of cheese, tomato sauce and veggies. Quite filling and very very tasty. Not what you would expect from a coffee shop but it rocks.

Another signature dish is the crostini with bell peppers, leek in a marinde of balsamic vinegar. This too rocks, the taste never wavers, and this too just has too much going on in terms of taste.

They have a selection of fresh breads you can pick up, soups that change daily and a large selection of desserts, their cheesecake is pretty on the money.

Overall a great place to get a cafe mocha some gourmet sandwiches and spend a lazy Sunday afternoon.

Go there now!!

Food : 9/10
Service: 8/10
Damage 500

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