Tuesday, May 27, 2008


Rest : Dakshin
Loca : ITC, Grand Maratha, near Sahar Airport
Meal : Dinner

Dakshin is one of the signature restaurants at the TC chain and they specialize in South Indian cuisine (Tamil,Kannada,Kerala etc) Since most peoIple in Bombay (and away from the south) consider a South Indian meal to be Dosas, Idlis etc, which is but a small part of the repertoire.

Some of you may know that the last time i went on an ethnic kick i faltered with a meal at Ramanyak & Oh! Calcutta. However i have always had good experiences at ITC and figured it was worth a try.

The ambiance of the place is ok, its fine dining meets the South of India. The servers all dress in dhotis in a Southern Style, the silverware and the music all work out very complimentary to the ambiance.

To start off we were handed a heavy wooden menu where the writing was on silken cloth. Innovative and fittingly done.

The meal itself was well, average. The quality and the effort is very plain to see but then you would expect nothing less from the folks over at ITC. We started of with pancakes (rice,stuffed,banana) which were fairly average.

Also had the Rasam which was excellent, just the right thickness and the taste was fiery but not spicy.

You get served five chutneys, the tomato is the best and goes well with the various pappads

The main course happened to be the pappu which is lentils in onion, garlic and tomato. slightly spicy. We had these with the appams which is actually like a dosa-uttapam slightly thinner than a newspaper sheet (at 300 a pop you could have a dozen and you wouldn't like the way the check looks)

For rice we had a biryaniesque pulao which was also allright. A lot like something i would get at Shiv Sagar if i ordered the Biryani.

Overall the food is ok, the cuisine seems to have been done in most neighborhood udipi restaurants (especially the way the rice was done) so the newness of the cuisine is not there. However the food is ok and there is plenty of variety and choice. For someone looking for authentic South Indian you cant do better than them.

The Service is quick and friendly.

Food 6/10 Service 7/10
Damage 2300 (slightly on the expensive side considering how light the food is)

ITC Grand Maratha
Sheraton & Towers, Sahar Road,
Andheri (E), Mumbai

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