Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Jimmy Boy

Jimmy Boy is an Irani in Fort. We were standing outside Nandus Paratha House after dinner and were trying to give my friend Parin tips on how to run his restaurant (we Indians have opinions on everything) one of the thing my other mate VP came up with was selling raspberry soda. He went into a long spiel on how great it is and cant be found. Parin grabbed both of us and walked us up the 10 metres to Jimmy Boy.

Jimmy Boy is an old Irani and has been around forever. Located in the heart of commercial territory, their finest hour is lunch. I havent been to an Irani in a long long time but it looks just like it needs to. It was deserted and we were the only ones there at the hour.

Since we already had a huge meal we were in it only for the delightful sodas that are unique to Iranis. Parin knows the owners well and just strode in and picked out two bottles.

The masala soda, a taste unique to India, it is like thums up, but on the other end of the spicyness. Brilliant.

Raspberry soda has long been a talking point for Iranis and it does not disappoint. Perfect in every aspect, its got a sweet aftertaste.

Jimmy Boy,
Opp Turner Morrison Building


The knife said...

My wife and i used to share a laganu bhonu there years back. they were the only guys to suggest that two people should share a thali.

Standards have fallen from what i hear

Adhish said...

I wasn't too happy with Jimmy Boy when I went there some time ago. However most people have good things to say about Jimmy Boy so I may have just gone there on a bad day. The raspberry drink you drank is Pallonji's if I'm not mistaken. Britania is another place that you can get Pallonji's. They stopped production for a while during which Roger's tried to replace Pallonji's. Pallonji's however is back now.

Gaurav said...

i havent dined out at Jimmy Boy, a school chum owns a restaurant down the street so if im there i will find myself heading to Nandus more often than not now...

The wife loves the sodas and we find ourselves driving up there at 11 or so for a bottle once in a while..

Anonymous said...

This is like the "Once upon a time" stories. The food here once upon a time was really good but today it is pathetic, even the soda's do not compare well even to the low end Irani restaurants. The owners should close shop and get into some other business or may be do what they are best at - which is working for somebody

Julian Khursigara said...

Does anyone know where I can buy Pallonji's soda outside of a restautant. eg: for home delivery? I live in south mumbai. Thanks Julian

Gaurav said...

Hi Julian,

i really have not seen it in on shelves anywhere. Although i have seen a few masala soda brands around Nagpada and stuff but not the Pallonji brand.

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