Saturday, July 31, 2010

Purepur Kolhapuri

Rest : Purepur Kolhapuri
Meal : late late dinner
Loc : somewhere in Vile Parle

It was late and i was returning from a long days work. My friend / (slash) was looking for a dining companion, since he had mentioned this place before, i thought why not check it out. Although the other option was Mexican or Mezze...

Kolhapuri cuisine is usually fairly fiery, red chilly and pepper based. You order a Kolhapuri dish in a restaurant its usually among the fiery ones. So i was a little worried about how the dishes would be. They werent that bad... (in terms of spice)
The food unfortunaely was not upto the mark. I am a big fan of Maharashtrian snacks but i have always found the cuisine wanting when it comes to full scale dining.
There was a dal a few veggies and roti and rice. The normal thali setup but none of it stood out particularly.

The dahi was tangy with a sourish taste, which i like, however i had the chaas which was made with the same yoghurt possibly and was not so good. The peanuts and gur were fun !

Overall, i was not impressed with anything really. Maybe its being run as a restaurant and needs more of the communal lunch home feel to succeed as an ethnic cuisine powerhouse.

Additionally, they have a lot of meat, chicken and sea food options and i reckon this is their mainstay. The vegetarian possibly not their strong point and hence the weakness.

Food : 3/10
Service : 5/10

Damage : 125 pp.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Prakash - Fun Maharashtrian food

Rest : Prakash
Meal : Snacktime
Loc : Just ahead of Shive Sena Bhavan, Dadar

Prakash is a small no frill joint, on the same street as the Shiv Sena Bhavan (heading towards Worli) the ethos is old Udipi, eat good food quick and get out. The space is smallish, no air conditioning, you have to sit where you get space and you will find the odd line. None of these things, however is any sort of a deal breaker.

The menu is primarily Mahrashtrian snacks, appropriate since the area is a Mahrashtrian stronghold. They dont serve any soft drinks, which i find immensely annoying, you can however get a Piyush, which is a sweet almost shrikhand like drink, or a sickly sweet cup of Nescafe.

Its a different era in Prakash, from the table tops, to the uniforms and even the attitude of the waitstaff. They probably havent changed things much since their inception, which to me is a great thing, there is something to be said about tradition nowadays.

The Matha Misal, which is basically the normal misal with yoghurt, one of my fav dishes all around, Swati does an upscale version, this one is your working class dish, small portion, tasty and spicy as hell. Made the way it should be.

The day special was curry pulao, again, a basic dish, rice, veggies served with a fiery potato curry.. immenselye enjoyable.

Patra, fried little goodies, my mom makes these, but they are smaller and green, these are brown, cruncy and HUGE.

Thalipeeth, a firm favouraite of many, a traditional dish, i didnt think it too impressive though.

Prakash, also serves some sweets, i am not a big fan of local sweets, so avoid them but most of them look traditional dishes so should be worth a go.

A quick meal, a walk back in time, great tastes. Thats Prakash for you.

Food : 9/10
Service : 8/10
Damage : 230
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