Monday, June 25, 2007

Vong Wong

Rest: Vong Wong
Location : Express Towers, Nariman Point
Meal : Dinner
Date : 24/6

Ambiance : Vong Wong is the new hot chinese-thai place to be. Its a spacious restaurant with plenty of seating. Its done up in a minimalist, functional but still generic up market motif. Not a lot of chinese or thai influences in the decor. More upper end than ethnic.

Food : The menu has two sections,make sure both sections are checked out before ordering. We did the thai soup and appetizer and a chinese meal. The Tom yum soup which was fantastic, great taste, lemony aftertaste but overall a great taste. Too much bamboo and lemon grass however. Next came the appetizer platter for two which consisted of spring rolls (average) tofu in a sauce (average) corn based fritter (pointless) satay (good) The main course was veggies in schezuan sauce, singapore noodles, burnt chilly rice. The veggies were good but not fiery enough, the noodles were nicely done but the fried rice was just fantastic.

Drink : Diet Pepsi x 2 , Virgin Mary was just tomato juice.

Experience: The service is ok, overall they should get better with a little more experience. The food itself was great except for the really weak appetizer (avoid the thai selections) Overall i would recommend the place and would go there again too to see how they fare overall. However it is not in the league of a place like Golden Dragon yet. I would also recommend the owners daughter dress a little better and not run around like a headless chicken so much its not professional.

Rating Food 8/10, Service 8/10

Damage : 1900

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

The Sun

The Sun is a small restaurant in South Bombay, specifically at Napean Sea Road. I have been eating there for the best part of 15 years and the food has not changed in all this time.

Its mostly North Indian/Punjabi fare and they serve no alcohol. However the Sun is easily the best Punjabi food in the city. The people who come here are mostly people who live around in the neighborhood. There is another outlet at Breach Candy but i have never eaten there personally.

They serve a Malai Kofta which is unlike anything you have ever tasted. The taste is so good and so amazing it will just make you stop and savor it. The Veg. Makhanwala is another dish with a very unique and amazing taste. They have a few other dishes which are very good as well the Navratan Korma, Kaju Mutter etc are all worth a try. They also make an amazing rice dish, the Kashmiri pulao served with pineapples and a cherry. An amazing contrast of spice and sweet.

The service is quite basic but pretty quick.

A meal for two would cost you around 650.

A 9.0 on all accounts.

Monday, June 04, 2007

Quay - A new nightspot

Name : Quay
Location : Above Fine Dine, Chowpatty

Recently i got a chance to party at the Quay which is a new nightspot in town, located above Fine Dine bang on Chowpatty. Wife and I with one of the managing partners Sumit Singhania and his wife Vandana
Overall the the place isn't very large, they can accommodate about 60 people, so it is a cozy little joint. The place itself is quite new and it hasn't hit the news yet, as the management is waiting until the end of the monsoon to begin its PR assault on the people to get the crowds rolling in time for party season this year.
turn the beat around!!!
The place itself is quite classy in its decoration, with ample and variety of seating form bar stools and tables to hammocks and couches. With enough space for one who wants to shake a leg.

DJ Amit was in the house playing some really cool electronic and house which you don't get to hear much in this town. It seems they are going for the niche crowd that wants to listen to some very cool music and hang out with friends.
DJ Amit & his lovely wife Prachi
Another special thing about Quay is that the food is pretty good, they have some nice appetizers to go for with your drinks (reasonably priced Teq + Red Bull at 275, Gin n Tonic at 220)the wait staff is slightly slow but polite and friendly.

Quay has the potential of becoming a niche, player with an upper end crowd, interested in house, a good bite to eat and a little tipple.

The management is new and they have some good plans to make the place popular right before party season starts. Some great nights, new additions are on the anvil.


Restauran : Joss
Meal : Dinner
Company : Ze Wife
Location : Kala Ghoda , Foodie Row

Experience : Joss has been around for a while. Prior to this it used to be Sanuk Thai (not bad) and Sanuk Oriental (average) before turning into Joss. Spread out on two levels its a spacious place but the seating is so dense that you will not have much privacy and can play proper attention to the table next to you.

Beverages : Virgin Mary (ok) Diet Coke

Meal : We started with the BBQ Paneer (175) which was light and very excellent.However one needs a proper selection of schezuan or hot sauce which isnt available with Joss. We went for the mushroom and veggie soup with rice noodles (150) which was again a good selection.
For the main course we went for the Stir fried veggies in garlic sauce (225) slightly generic tasting but not bad, Pan Fried Noodles with veggies n mushrooms (200) thin, crispy with great taste and the Nasi Goreng (200) which is an Indonesian rice preparation. The Nasi Goreng didn't fit with he meal, it kind of clashed with the overall taste but it was my choice and on its own it seemed to work fine.

Overall : Joss is an excellent choice for Chinese, well priced, the food is good, the menu has plenty of options and it slightly more Pan Asian then Chinese only. The service is good and attentive but i dont like the decor or the closeness to other tables.

Damage : 1400

Rating : Food 8/10 Service 8/10
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