Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Tea !

Drinking tea is a huge deal here in India, especially in the North, Coffee is more popular in the South. My grandmother told me that no one really drank tea until the 1930's (around where she was) someone from Lipton used to offer free samples to all and sundry and thats how it caught on.

I was just in Ootacamund or Ooty which has quite a few tea estates in and around (Conoor)
so i thought i would sample some tea, i bought a bunch of different varieties but a hugely disappointed. One of the ones i got was cardamom but it just tastes watered down no matter how much you let it brew.

I have a bunch of others, strong ctc dust, orange pekoe and niligiri but i am not sure if ill try em all out as of yet.

Personally prefer what my folks call the truck driver special, half a cup, minimal milk and sugar, strong brew.

The tea we use is blended in 2-3 brands and its a short brew and really tastes pretty good. Ill add some pics later.

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

More of the same

Nothing new to report for now, been out and about a lot past week but its mostly been the tried n tested eateries, places like Moshe, Oriental Blossom for some great food. Both the places continue to do extremely well, the Menu at Moshe is about to change which is great news. Oriental Blossom is def a good ol warhorse, quick service good food, a friend down from New York, really liked the food as well.


Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Bembos - South American Burger Joint in Suburban Bombay

Things just get weirder and weirder. On my way back from the burbs i get a call and pull over (too much work to go run over people and go to prison) i look around and see this sign Bembos Burger A South American Burger Joint.

Now that is NEW. I thought it was some marketing schtick but actually Bembos is from Peru and they have quite a few outlets there as well as in Panama, India is their first sort of first major sojourn out of S. America.

Boy are we lucky they found their way here. They make some killer burgers, its not fast food, its good food quickly (apologies to the movie i stole that from) place like McDonalds seemed to have just focus on the branding aspect but the truth is i never 'feel' like going to McDonalds or 'want' to have their burger.

Bembos, is whole another story. they offer some seriously tasty burgers, they have figured out that a bunch of Indians are vegetarians so instead of offering one or two options they offer a classic, a bean and spinach, a south American and a north American burger. Add to this a whole bunch of options (pickes, onions) etc its more like eating at a Grill rather than a fast food place.

The decor is a bit childish, but that does not really matter now does it?

Check it out, you wont regret it. they deliver as well.

34, Manorama Chambers,
Opp. India Bank, S.V. RoadBandra (W), Mumbai

26415599, 26415600, 67100625

Nirmal Lifestyle
LBS Marg
Mulund (West), Mumbai

Monday, November 05, 2007

Best Pizza Ever - Papa Johns

I have been a huge Papa Johns pizza fan, unfortunately since i moved back to India all i could get here was Dominos which is why i never really order out much. Dominos always seemed sub par. However I was driving down from the suburbs and saw a Papa Johns pizza outlet. Pulled over and picked up a pie (14inch, Margarita, 295) cheese sticks (65) bread sticks(45)

It was so good. Firs thing i checked was if it looked like it did back in college and it did. It tasted just the same as well. The taste is in the sauce mostly, it just has an amazingly good taste, very different from anything else notched up by Dominos or Smokin Joes, Garcia's does a unique sauce as well but nothing like this.

The cheese sticks are almost like the pizza just crisper and without the sauce. The bread sticks were disappointingly, over salted.

However everyone with me loved the pizza and we are hoping an outlet opens this side of town soon.

Shanghai Club

Rest : Shanghai Club
Location : ITC, Grand Central, Parel
Meal : Dinner
Company : Ze Wife, Ze sweets.

Shanghai Club is the Chinese restaurant at the ITC Grand Central, who probably do the best food services of all the chains i have been to so far.

The restaurant is much smaller than the largish Kebabs n Kurries but then it is not as good either. Dont get me wrong its still pretty good but KnK is just sublime.

We started with mushrooms, fried in batter of sorts and served with chillis n onions, along with some regular dim sum.Both the dishes were ok.

The entree was veggies in chilli paste/sauce, golden garlic fried rice and pan fried noodles. The veggies were fantastic, the rice was different, the noodles were surprisingly generic but good.

Overall the meal was quite satisfactory, only disappointment being it wasn't GREAT.

The iced-tea however was just fantastic.

Damage was 3000 for 3 without drinks.

Food 8/10 Service 8/10
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