Tuesday, May 27, 2008


Rest : Mabruk
Location : Sahara Star, Near Domestic Airport
Meal : Late Dinner

Mabruk is the Lebanese restaurant at the Sahara Star. My last visit to Sahara was very good in terms of cuisine however i considered the ambiance a tad excessive and tasteless. This time around we were seated in the open area of the lagoon which is where Mabruk is laid out.

The view is really something in a Las Vegas sort of way. Anyway, the view is good, the seating is very comfortable and the place busy. We got our menus quickly, there are plenty of mezzes hot and cold with options for veggies and carnivores. Not so much in the entree section however.

We chose the Falafil which was fairly authentic and tasted great, the hummus was ok, the rice with lentils and onions was average, the beans in lime and garlic were good.

Overall, the restaurant is priced ok and the service is allright. The ambiance is great and food isnt too bad. The hostess was nice enough to call us the next day and ensure that our experience was a good one.

Worth visiting.

Food : 7/10
Service 7/10

Damage 2000 for two without drinks

Sahara Star,
Western Express Highway,
Domestic Airport,
Santa Cruz (E), Mumbai

Tel : 39895000

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chica said...

They have this amazing lamb dish for entree.. If only I remembered the name, Lamb cubes with marinated with a specific brandy. Its delicious.

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