Thursday, June 05, 2008


Rest : Flamboyante
Meal : Dinner
Loc: World Trade Centre, Cuffe Parade
Com : The 5 boys & the Frau.

Flamboyante continues on strongly as one of the few stand alone dining options in Cuffe Parade. The ambiance keeps on changing and they seem to be prepared for the rainy season with some serious plastic. Dinner at Flamboyante is a pleasant and attractive affair, the best time to go there is during the milder Winter.

Drinks were an excellent glass of ice-tea, not to sweet not to lemony, just right.

A must have drink at Flamboyante is the very tasty Glacier, which is lots of ice, sugar and something along the lines of blue curacao. Must have.

For the first time we decided to try out their Indian options and the Paneer tikka was actually pretty good. i wish they had a little more onion and tomato grilled along with but the paneer by itself and the mint chutney worked fairly well.

The second appetizer was mushrooms with water chestnuts. They were ok, nothing special, i am not a huge fan of fried Chinese appetizers. Not bad but not great either.

The mains were the Thai Green Curry with the Fortune Rice. The curry was allright, above average but by no means delicious. The rice was okay but it had bits of something in it, not sure what, might have been elaichi or something but it was really hard and completely weird to eat. I spent more time spitting then i did chewing.

The other main was supposed to be the Kung Pao Paneer which is good choice however what we got was something else other than Kung Pao, which is usually drier, flavorful and garnished with cashews. What we got was a rather generic red sauce, which wasn't that great.

The stir fried noodles were pretty good.

Overall the ambiance was allright, the food was average. It has been better before, was the weakest this time around.

Service was allright, no real complaints.

Food 6/10
Service 7/10
Damage : 4000 for 7 without drinks.

World Trade Centre Arcade
Ground Floor, Shop #1, Mumbai
22180434, 22180433


IdeaSmith said...

This is a useful review. A little more verbal description of the place, ambience, service etc would also have been good.

Gaurav said...


i have reviewed the place a few times before. over all its a great evening place, al fresco dining. different from your traditional atmosphere.

service is ok. not good not bad.

Serendipity said...

Hey Gaurav,

Flamboyante has an indoor bar area - called Flamboyante @ seven which is air conditioned and fairly easier to sit in this humid weather.

Another problem I had was with the distance of the washroom. It was almost like a hike :S

Gaurav said...


I know about the little air conditioned room but have never really found myself sitting there.

i prefer the outside, in the evening it looks just right.

but you are right, its murder in this humidity. the bathroom is a fun surprise :)

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