Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Best Breakfast Buffet Ever - Updated

Rest : Hornby's Pavilion
Loc : ITC, Grand Central
Meal : Breakfast Brunch

I am a sucker for a good breakfast, lots of juices, plenty of options is just the way i like to get my morning started.

Hornby's Pavilion(previous reviews here, here and here) has one of the best breakfast buffets of any place in Bombay (5 star or not) The spread is huge and they cover a lot of ground, you have Mushrooms, Beans, Pancakes, breads, Eggs made to order, fruits, cheeses, variety of juices, South Indian, Parathas, puris.

There is something for everyone with plenty of options and alternatives.

The mushrooms were lovely, the grilled tomato should have been warmer. The pancakes were not too bad, not great but not bad at all.

i didnt feel like freshly squeezed juice so i went for the Tropicana but the wife picked some mango juice and loved it.

The baked beans were pretty good, perfect for the brown bread, however it was a little retarded that it was in little bowls which were piping hot and had to be picked up by hand.

Overall, a first rate breakfast, everything was fresh and tasty. There is actually too much food and there is no chance you will get around to all of it.

The service could be better but they are friendly enough.

Food : 9/10
Service : 7/10

Damage : 1300

Give it a go.

P.S. They have Indian bubbly on the house for all buffet meals .

Was at Hornby's again this Sunday morning and it was packed. Word seems to have gotten around i reckon. Anyway the spread was good, some changes to the dishes of course but overall the same. I stuck to my beans and toast, the pancakes (strawberry, vanilla) were nice and hot.

Excellent cheeses, its a pity folks in this city stick to their Amul, there is a whole world out there to try out.
I had a taste of the pav bhaji which was pretty good (not Santosh Sagar good though) the medu vada with sambhar and red chutney was outstanding.

Excellent Sunday morning indeed.


Anonymous said...

was that for one or for two people ?

Gaurav said...

It was 1300 for two.

Simran said...

I agree. ITC has the best buffet in town (and it helps that they are the cheapest!) :-)

My pet peeve : the service is bad, and pancakes always cold

Gaurav said...


yeah, hard to pick a fault in what you say. precisely why i prefer ordering from the menu.

however if the wife wants to buffet, it pretty much means i want to buffet too.

Dr. Manish said...

I dont knw abt Grand central, but the Goa Marriot buffet is the best. Great spread, classy chefs, cooked at your choice, almost whatever u want and the poolside ambience is the ultimate.. Its pure Luxury

Dr. Manish said...

the beauty or fun of a buffet is only when you can afford th Luxury of time. When you have someone whom you can talk to, person of ur choice and of course someone who wont mind the mess you will create... Formal buffets are a no no for me

Dr. Manish said...

Any place in Juhu area guys?? that serves good cold cuts, eggs and bread???

Gaurav said...

Hey Manish,

I have actually had the breakfast buffet at the Goa Marriott when i was there for the film festival in 2007.

I agree with you, it was a fairly superlative buffet however i did not take it poolside.

Overall, i suggest you try the breakfast buffet at ITC Grand Central, you will not be disappointed.

I would expect the JW Marriott to serve what you are looking for.

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