Thursday, June 19, 2008

Moti Mahal - The Tandoor Trail

Rest : Moti Mahal
Location : CR2, Nariman Point
Meal : Dinner

We finished watching Sarkar Raj and headed to Moti Mahal for a post movie dinner (the movie was weak if you must know and it was the wifes choice, she wanted to see how Aishwarya looked in the film. Speaks volumes for our audiences..)

Anyway, Moti Mahal claim to be the initiators of tandoori chicken as well as taking Mughlai food to the masses. They have a special recipe for Paneer, Chicken and their Dal Makhani. I have also been told that the spices they use come from their own kitchen and they wont upset your stomach.

The location is excellent and the place is comfortable. They have nice booths on one side which are isolated and offer a sense of privacy while the other side is tables close to each other.

We avoided the starters (something they are fairly weak at anyway) and went straight into the food.
The Dal Makhani was delicious, thick, heavy but very very tasty. They got it right with this one. However its not like the Dal Bukhara at Kebabs n Kurries, the taste of which lingers on days after one tastes it.

The Garlic naans, were thin, small and buttered like there was no tomorrow.

The Paneer Lababdar was great, succulent paneer, rich tomato gravy with onions and green peppers and peas. Good stuff.

We also ordered their veg pulao which is a lot like fried rice but goes great with everything.

Overall the food was good, the service however was hugely scatter brained. There was not enough people coming by to take the orders and there were many tables that didn't get what they ordered for many minutes.

I can see how some people would get frustrated, they really need to work on their service, they are friendly and polite, just need to get some efficiency in there.

Food : 8/10
Service 6/10
Damage : 1200 for two without drinks

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Moti Mahal Delux - The Tandoor Trail
102 Level 1, CR 2 Mall
Nariman Point, Mumbai
32534134, 66546454

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