Tuesday, March 11, 2014

California Burrito

Rest : California Burrito
Loc : Old Madras Road
My love for all things Mexican is well documented, i try and get my Mex fix as often as possible, although Bombay for some reason has been resistant to Tex-Mex cuisine done right. Trust me, ive eaten Burritos in a seedy Mexican town, i know what i am talking about.  

While being driven back from a meeting i spied this huge ass sign for California Burrito. I immediately had the car pulled into their little parking lot damn near causing a pile up. A burrito place six feet away from me, how could i not give it a go, road safety be damned. 

Now, to be honest, California Burrito is very inspired by Chipotle, there is not much of a spiritual difference between the two ideas although not that i am complaining.

In my excitement of getting a shot at a propah burrito i completely forgot to look at the deals on offer and ended up bypassing a shot at a bunch of the combos.

I chose a regular Burrito base which was stuffed with Fajita Veggies, Cilantro Rice, Spicy Beans, Pinto BEans, Pico De allo, Salsa, Onions, Lettuce, (weird) Jalapenos, Sour Cream and Guacamole. They also add cheese, unfortunately not Cheddar which i reckon should be easy to source and relatively cost effective. 

So in any case, i ended up with a 12" burrito which was freaking huge and i was able to devour nonetheless. It was certainly above average. I think the flavour profile needs a slight tweak, the beans need a little punch and Cilantro rice is not something i have been a fan of.

Something closer to a regular Tex-Mex rice would work way better. Cheese to, Monterrey Jack is a dream but Cheddar is def doable and better than i believe Mozzarella which is what i was told they were using.

I was told they are able to source avocados which means guacomole is not a gamble and the other ingredients too seemed of good quality. They serve a pink nimbu pani which is essentially your regular pink lemonade, delicious.

They have 5 outlets in Bangalore and i really hope they make it out to Bombay.


Rajvi Bhow @ Straight talk said...

Speaking of burritos, do try the ones at Aye Dios Mio at Marine Lines in Mumbai. They are quite close to a regular vurrito that you would get in the US. Still not tried the taco bell in Bbay so not sure about that..

Gaurav said...

hey, will do. a cousin was classmates with the kids who started it.

taco bell is too far, not sure if ill get a chance to try em for a while

Linda said...

Looks quite good. Greetings from Montreal, Canada.


I agree with Rajvi. Aye Dios Mio serves amazing food for the crazy foodies in Mumbai. Do try out. It's a serious effort by frnd Akshay. Menu has variety to surprise you.

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