Monday, June 09, 2008


Rest: Moshe's
Loc: Cuffe Parade
Meal : Dinner

Moshe's is one of my favorite restaurants and i get out over there fair few times a month. They have recently changed the menu, a little more international and eclectic with a lean on the middle eastern.

There is a strong accent on the health aspect as well, there are plenty of lighter, healthier options like salads, sandwiches etc. The menu in general is fairly light as well.

For the first time in our visits there i got a chance to sit outside, it was a pleasant surprise. The rain in the air and dim lighting, fairly cozy ambiance.

We started off with some ice tea & diet coke. The iced tea was excellent the coke was well, a coke.

The appetizer was the mushroom and onion fondue, good but i wish it was warmer which means that it was probably prepared before hand.

Next to come was the chick pea, mushroom salad in a lime dressing. not bad, it would have been great if it were served cold. Not bad though.

One of the entrees was the cottage cheese and grilled pepper skewers served with vine leaves in vinaigrette and lentil and rice. Excellent, just so much going on in this dish. Dry skewers with the gravy and a dry rice with sweet vine leaves. Excellent.

One of their popular dishes is the Sicilian risotto which is just unique, tomato & mascarpone with olives give this dish a great taste (their signature dish is their Penne)

The blueberry cheesecake was excellent, no wonder Madonna reckoned it was better than sex.

The service was fairly allright, they get busy so sometimes it can be a tad slow.

Overall excellent.

My other Moshe's reviews are here
Food : 8/10
Service : 8/10
Damage : 1500 without drinks


Simran said...

I would love to eat there, if only I ever remember to make a reservation!

Gaurav said...

well if you always forget but feel the urge to go, try and get there early....

Priyanka said...

Visited this place on your recommendation. And we loved it! Thanks. The desserts are awesome and so is the food and the mocha.

Gaurav said...


Moshe is a fav although we are taking a break from it for some time.

I am glad you enjoyed it. thanks for visiting!

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