Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Moshe - Phoenix Mills

Rest : Moshe
Meal : Lunch
Loc : Ground Floor, Palladium, Phoenix Mills

Once upon a time Moshe used to be a stellar name, the food was good and getting tables was difficult. Then came popularity and then all of a sudden there were little Cafe Moshe's springing up everywhere, some good and some absolutely dreadful. Even the signature restaurant at Cuffe Parade has gone down several notches.

Anyway, i was in Phoenix Mills to pick up my car and walked across the Palladium floor and spotted the familiar Moshe sign. Intrigued we took up a table and sat down. Its actually not a restaurant but a small space where the food is prepped and the seating is spread around the large shopping floor.

Despite being in a shopping mall, its actually quite cozy and the tables are very well spaced out, so full marks for ambiance. Although i am pretty sure it would be horrible if Palladium was popular.

The menu is a familiar blend of salads, soups, sandwiches and they also have pizzas in there now, which i have not seen em do before.

They have a new addition, the hummus bowl, this is a lot like Hummus Brothers in the UK and elsewhere, you choose a bowl of hummus add a topping and get a side of pita with it. Whats interesting with Moshe's is the selection of toppings. You have scrambled eggs or falafal, or stir fried greens which i chose. This is actually a dish i have had sans the hummus at Cafe Basilico, where its served with Hummus. Weirdly it actually work all right with hummus though a bit on the spicy side.

The chocolate chip pancakes with cinnamon and powdered sugar. For some reason they did not taste very fresh, maybe the batter was old or they were pre-plated. Not sure, they weren't bad but you always hope your pancakes (or anything else for that matter) are fresh. Also, the honey and the maple syrup tasted and looked the same which was pretty disconcerting.

This was the disgusting fruit butter served alongside the pancakes. Avoid at all costs.

Overall, the ambiance is surprisingly not bad, despite being on the floor of a mall, the tables well spaced out and comfortable. The menu too has some new additions, so there is plenty to try. They do need to fix some things though, hopefully they will get around to it.

Service is relatively slow and clunky.

Food : 6/10
Service : 6/10
Damage : 650 for 2.


Ketaki Mehta said...

You should try fondue here.
It is really yummy...

Ketaki Mehta said...

You should try the fondue here
They are really good

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