Sunday, June 22, 2008

Da Vinci's

Rest: Da Vinci's
Loc : Pali Naka , Bandra West.
Meal : Dinner

DaVinci's is a small Italian eatery based out of Bandra where i ended up there after a work meet. The place itself looks like a small Brooklyn based eatery on a budget. The decor is a mish mash and though it is not hard on the eyes it does not really work. The pictures of Venice all over are also pretty tacky.

We started of the Minestrone which was a complete impulse, most places i go they always murder it. DaVinci's also sorted of murdered it but in a good way. It was tomato heavy, with cheese, a very explosive, excellent taste, not the most authentic though.

The jalapeno poppers, another impulse pick, chef recommended were terrible. No point to them, cheese, jalapenos and a terrible dip. How can you have cheese and a pepper together and then make them turn out so bland? A lesson in impulse control.

The good old margerita was excellent. thin, crispy and it went down really well. it was a tad too greasy in my opinion but no complaints from the taste itself.

The risotto with mushrooms and cheese was not too bad. Subtle, a little more subtlety and it would have ended up bland. There was a saffron risotto with garlic on the cards but after a bad experience in the home of the dish (Milan) i avoided the urge.

Overall the food is above average and its worth a visit once in a while no doubt. Service is also acceptable. No complaints, nothing bad but nothing spectacular either. Pricing is very value for money

Food: 8/10
Service : 7/10
Damage : 800 for two

Fatima Building
29th Road, Off Pali Naka
Bandra (W), Mumbai

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