Monday, December 11, 2006

Hornbys Pavilion

Hornbys Pavilion

Rest : Hornbys Pavilion
Meal : Dinnerish
Date : 10/12/2006
Location :ITC Grand Central, Parel
Company : Pie, Mr.Mattu.

Experience- We got to the hotel and werent willing to sit down for a MEAL coz of a truncated schedule, so we did what people with no time and hunger do, go to ze coffee shop. The ITC coffee shop is called Hornbys Pavilion, its tastefully done up, very classy, very generic. The place has an extensive menu, which is wider and fuller than any other coffee shop around (palms, shamiana, bayview etc) however its def priced on the higher side and located on the shitter side. So its a trade off for sure.

Drink :Water, Fresh Lime Soda, Bloody Mary, Margarita

Food :Ok, i didnt order the food coz i was in the loo, mr.Mattu is a ITC, Delhi chap and had been eating at Parel for sometime apparently the place to go there is Kebabs and Curries.

Anyway we got this veggie Kebab platter thing which is paneer, bread, tikkaish sauce, small cups of biryani, salan and raita. Fantastic little thing this. Great taste, for the accompaniements, the paneer itself was soft, velvety, very good.

Mushroom Wrap, not very interesting, it was tasty but just no real love, it came with a tomato sauce which didnt help it much.

Lasagna, not bad actually, tasty, tangy, enough veggies but the pasta layers itself were very tasty. Nice stuff.

The drinks were terrible. The Lime soda was ok, the bloody mary served with no ice, tasted below par, the Margarita was just plain BAD. they dont know how to make drinks over at ITC.

Service itself was slow, menus took a while, drinks too longer, the chaps were polite and nodded, but didnt understand much it seems.

: Food 8/10, Service 7/10

Damage : 2900 ($65)

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