Saturday, July 07, 2012

Ice Cream Works

Rest : Ice Cream Works
Meal : Lunch
Loc : High Street Phoenix

Yesterday at lunch Mrs.J & i could not figure out where to go, the usual delis & moshe were out of the question.We were looking for something new or at the very least something interesting. Without purpose we drove to Phoenix Mills hoping something would show. Cafe Zoe was out, Hard Rock Cafe was considered but was too out of the way.

We thought of going to Rajdhani but their menu for today had too much palak & methi.

So we arrived at Ice Cream Works, as the name suggests & having been to the Chowpatty branch i like most people assumed all they do is ice-cream. However they also do proper food, I would have to thank lil Roxanne Bamboat for turning me on to this with her post.

The menu while not too expansive has plenty to keep one interested. It includes onion rings, french fries served in innovative ways, sandwiches, pasta and a bunch of pizzas. Pretty straight forward food, which is also easy to screw up.

The first thing we went for was the chilli cheese toast which is actually served like a tartine. Very nice, with pickled peppers and beet on the side, it was delicious. I would however like to complain about serving chips with the sandwich. That is such a kids birthday part a la 1988. French fries would go nicely, or ditch the side and give us a bigger portion.

The other thing we got was the margarita pizza with mozzarella. Very nice, the crust was thin as can be (popularized by Indigo Deli) it could have done with a little more fresh mozzarella, why skimp out ?

This was the chocolate something, i cannot recall the name ( so many choices, it was all a blur) but it was chocolate ice-cream, a chocolate brownie, with chocolate sauce, chocolate cereal. What can i say but hell yeah.

Besides, the scores of Sundae's they have a score of ice -cream by the scoop as well as yoghurt and make your own cheesecake. In all honesty, it can be a little overwhelming especially on the first visit (taste the paan ice cream and also the strawberry cheesecake)

We picked up some to carry home, it was packed nicely with dry ice and did not melt much on the way back. We got Chocolate & Strawberry.

Overall, the food is good, the desserts great, they do need to fix a few things, the portions are a tad small, just a little more and it would be spot on. Potato chips with a sandwich is just not done so that needs to go.

A few weeks ago i happily entered Haagen Daazs and not only was i severely disappointed but i was actually ripped off (read more here) Had i known then, what i know now, i could have gone next door to Ice Cream works and pretty much had a great time.

I intend to return with a group of friends to try out the insane 8 scoop sundae or the 12 scoop fondue with accompaniments.

Food : 8/10
Service: 8/10
Damage : 900 + 450 for the take home ice cream.

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