Saturday, January 21, 2006

Spagetti Kitchen

Rest :Spagetti Kitchen
Meal : Dinner
Date : 20/1/2006
Location :high Street Phoenix, Lower Parel
Company : Gautam, Rishab

Experience -It was a spur of the moment decision, we were in the area and left a party early to get some eats and decided that though it was about 10 on Friday night High Street offered the most options for food even if the odd place was full. The service was patchy, they didnt do what was asked, too too long but it was a busy night and they were plenty polite.

Order - Lasagna with mushrooms, cheese, tomato bits, margerita pizza with bits of tomato and parmesan cheese, vodka penne

Drinks - Diet Pepsi, Heineken

Food : impressive. all of it. very good. The lasagna was a strong mushroomy taste, a lot heavier on the palate contrasted with the light, tomato fluffiness of the vodka penne, it melted in your mouth, the sauce seemed kind of bland but it wasnt, it was just so light it took a little effort to enjoy it. The pizza wasnt bad at all, thin crust, with parmesan cheese, excellent taste, parmesan is a great pizza cheese. The bits of tomato added to the bite.

Rating :Food 9/10, Service 6.5/10

Damage : $30(1200)

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