Friday, January 20, 2006

Hidden Treasures - Buddha Bhelwala at Charni Road

Continuing with Hidden treasures again in south bombay in the charni road area adjacent to the street that leads to Hinduja college is the bhelpuri etc wala who we call Buddha (mainly coz my mother used to call him that)
i havent been by there for a while but when we do go by we make it a point to stop by. Its like a covered shack and is almost always crowded in the evenings.

They have the usual menu Pani Puri, Bhel Puri, Dahi puri, Chaat, Samosas, Tikki, Dahi vada and regular bhel along with kanji vadas (im afraid they arent upto the mark) but the rest of it is just fantastic street fare
The strategy is to go for the pani puri, when your spiced out you get a dahi puri next and then you get a chat or aloo tiki to get the fires burning again. At this point you can back to the dahi puri or go for the bhel. You pretty much cant go wrong with anything as long as you dont get kanji vadas (a dislike maybe coz i have had them only at home) Although its best to plan what you eat so you can get the best of the lot in.

its pretty cheap although a bit more expensive then street fare but the quality and taste you get it is a steal.

each item costs about 12-15 rupees so approx damages usually end up being something like 60 ($1.20)

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Anonymous said...

Certainly a hidden Gem!! Never heard of it but Im gonna check it out.
Thanks Gaurav :)

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