Monday, January 16, 2006

Hyderabad Blues Part 3

Rest : Room Service
Meal : Dinner
Date : 13/1/2006
Location : Best Western Amrutha Castle, Secretariat, Hyderabad
Company : Seinfeld.

Experience - Was around 9.30 when i got back from the hotel. i walked around the neighbourhood to look for something of gastronomic interest. However it is avery downtownish part of town and at that time everyone had packed and gone. There werent that many restaurants nearby and i was tired. So defeated i ordered from the room service menu. The food itself came about 20 mins after i ordered it.

Order : Dal Makhani (Delicious black dal in butter), Naan, Biryani

Drinks : Coke

Food : The moment i saw the food i knew i had overestimated my hunger. But alas! i made the decision and i had to live with it. The Naan was a little rubbery coz i waited for a bit before i sat down. Thats what happens to Naans when you make them wait, quite a tempramental piece of bread that. The Dal was good, i didnt expect much but it was quite good. The Biryani was served with Salan (dunnow what that is) and raita. Both of which were very good, the Salan though very spicy was very rich in taste. The rait was a regular raita with cucumbers and stuff but it wasnt too bad. The Biryani itself, was allright, it was a regular Biryani i would have gotten here as well, so it didnt blow my socks off but it was still allright.

Rating : Food 7/10, Service 7/10
Damage : 260 ($6)

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