Saturday, January 07, 2006

Rampart Row - A foodie street

Rampart Row in Colaba is a foodie paradaise of sorts. For those who dont know where it is have a cabbie take you to Jehangir Art Gallery and then all you have to do is cross the street.

It is quiet peaceful place this with trees on both sides and ample parking space (5INR an hour). It s a slice of old Bombay, as to the right side you have Elphinstone college, Lund&Blockley opticians from early 1900's and the Sassoon library.

The restaurants begin with

Khyber - they serve some authentic indian, north indian food and is a great place to take a mate from abroad. I call it along with Gaylord my white people restaurant :). I take people here to ease into some indian tastes.

Silk Route - Stands on what used to be the much loved Wayside Inn. I dont know much about the food, i got some take out once but it was strictly average and therefore i havent bothered to go back since.

TGIF - The American eatery was average at best. They had some interesting middle eastern food but the prices were unreasonably high and the food was ok. Last i heard they had downed shutters.

Joss - Used to be the Sanuk Thai, then Sanuk Oriental both of which were quite good but i havent been to the latest avatar yet.

Chetna - Read my review of Chetna and beware.

Copper Chimney/Noodle Bar/Bombay Blue - Each is housed in one giant complex with different seating for each. The servie Indian/Oriental/TexMex. You can read my review of Noodle bar on the blog.

So there it is. You get about 9 different restaurants with 4 different cuisines, some good some not so good. But its all within walking distance of each other. If you find one crowded just hop into another one.

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