Thursday, January 05, 2006

Shiv Sagar

Rest : Shiv Sagar
Time : Evening
Date : Jan3rd 2006
Location : Kemps Corner
Company : Take out

Experience: Delivered within 20 minutes.

Order :Pav Bhaji, Plain Dosa

: None

Food: Shiv sagar is a typical South Indian run joint. Which means if done well they are consistent, clean, quick and reliable. Shiv sagar is all those things. The dosa was great, crisp, buttery, the sambar was like its been since the 90s. Just right. The pav bhaji(bread, vegetables mish mash cooked spicy a Bombay specialty) was great, not too spicy, enough masala, the bread was nice and buttery. Good stuff overall.

: I would give the food a 9/10 Service 8/10.

Damage : 140 INR ($3.50)

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