Monday, January 16, 2006

Hyderabad Blues Part 4 - Last meal in the city

Rest : Minerva
Meal : Lunch
Date : 14/1/2006
Location : Himmat Nagar, Hyderabad
Company : My taxi driver Hasan

Experience - I wanted to go a place which would offer me some South Indian Vegetarian delights. I didnt want to have any Dosa etc so i decided to go for the Thali and see what it would bring.

Order - 2 x South Indian Thalis

Drinks - Sprite

Food : Well it started off with this super small cup of soup with croutons, which was very good and left me wishing it was bigger. It came served with two white pappads. Not a bad start. The thali itself came with one dal, one vegetabl of corn and greenbeans which was dry, one thing i dont know what it was but it was brown and tasty, one sambar, one other dal thing, and another vegetable, cup of yoghurt. Two rotis and and the smallest container you have ever seen containing ghee. there was a Laddu of Boondi for dessrt. Being used to Gujarati thalis in Bombay it was off putting not to get 2 appetizers but it was ok, i could live with it, it was all served in a banana leaf in a plate.
The food was allright, the dal was quite good as was the brown vegetable thing. not bad at all. I was done with the rotis and this guy came with rice, man, HUGE bowl of rice so i took some and i had to use everything that came along with to finish it.

The meal itself was ok, not too bad. Not memorable either though, but it was good clean food i guess and i wouldnt complain. The service was prompt as well.

Rating : Food 7/10 for taste Service 8.4/10

Damage : 160 ($4)

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