Sunday, December 14, 2008

Delhi Eats - Sanchos

Rest : Sanchos
Loc : South Extension II
Meal : Lunch

Delhi has been a revelation of late, last year (read about it here) they couldn't cook anything well unless it was north Indian but this year i cant get to enough places, they got Greek, Mexican, even Russian restaurants. Wide, clean streets a metro, brilliant restaurants, now only if the folks could learn some finesse and service skills...

Sancho's is a Mexican restaurant located in the busy South-Ex II on the 3rd and 4th floors. The place is large and airy, with large windows, brilliant layout. It is also one of the few authentic Mexican restaurants in the country. the other being Sammy Sosa in Bombay

we started off with a little soup in a shot glass, it looked great but it was a little cold and didn't taste that great.

The virgin Margarita was very pink lemonadish and tasted fantastic

they have a salsa bar, with about 5 varieties on offer as well as a variety of different chips. We were offered an assortment of both chips and salsa. Most of the salsa was on the money except one while the chips were great.

The nachos were 'loaded' served with olives, sour cream, guacamole and refried beans. Overall the whole thing did not come together as well as i thought it would. It worked okay but it could have been way better.

The entrees where a regular burrito served with beans and rice on the side. It was not bad at all, tasted fairly good and was well crafted.

The enchiladas were the other entree, good stuff ! however the burrito was better, Indians are used to having their enchiladas under a heavy sauce, these were unlike that but were still fairly good.

the sides were Mexican rice & referitos (refried beans) the rice was just brilliant, tasty and just dry enough. the beans were okay, should have been thicker and drier, too gravyish.

We opted for a platter which served a honey based chocolate filo pastry, a kahlua based chocolate thingy and two others i cant recall. All desserts were fairly good.

Overall, the place is great, the ambiance is young and chic, the food is authentic and well put together. Service is friendly, pleasing and quick. Plenty of reason to go back, they are also opening a new outlet at Connaught Place.

Food : 9/10
Service : 8/10
Damage : 1500

E 3
3rd Floor
South Extension II, South Extension, Delhi


Pritesh Patel said...

Finally a blog i can relate to, read passionately & contribute with my suggestions, comments, etc...
Wat a respite! ! !
Wud luv to accompany you on a gastronomic tour in Mumbai, very soon.
Cheers mate!
Rgds, Pritesh.

Gaurav said...


thanks for your comment!!!


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