Friday, July 04, 2008

Sammy Sosa

Rest: Sammy Sosa
Location : Andheri, Oshiwara
Meal : Late Lunch

Sammy Sosa, is the only Mexican restaurant in the city at present, the place has a young vibe and they ambiance is comfy and kitschy with Mexican movie posters on the ceiling etc. The menu is fairly expansive and they cover a lot of areas. I am guessing they had to throw in some continental to keep the idiots happy.

A bunch of Mexican favs are on the menu and you will be hard pressed to pick one from the lot, they are missing some side dishes but hopefully they will come as they get older.

The traditional but virgin (no liquor license yet) margarita was pretty much exactly how a margarita should be. pity most bars cant seem to get them right. only complaint with the drink was it should be bigger. Margaritas come in big f*ck off size glasses, not martini size.

The mango margarita was recommended and picked by my wife. I didnt like it much myself but the wife loved it.

The nachos, well they were good and worked especially well with the salsa and the sour cream. However nachos are usually with softer tortilla and are usually weighed down with all the beans etc. The serving style was different but i like them traditional. Not bad at all though.

The loaded potato skins, again, tasted pretty good and worked pretty well. Thank god for guacamole, they also had some excellent sweet mango salsa.

The enchilada again, good, heavy, with some monterrey jack cheese, put together nicely.i missed my sides of beans and rice on this but i guess some is better than none.

the verdura verde in my opinion was a good dish but had too much going on. avocado, rice, potato, tortilla, corn, mushrooms broccoli. sort of confuses you because you start looking for a theme and there isnt one. it would work very nicely if simplified a little.

not a Mexican dessert but pretty good nonetheless. pistachio and honey crepes, with ice cream and chocolate sauce. lets just say it was a great way to finish up a pretty solid afternoon lunch.

Overall the food was pretty good and they seem to be making a solid effort in ensuring a good all around experience. The experience is hampered by unavailability of ripe avocado, certain beans and peppers, so i hope they can find a way to source these regularly. They have the good sense to not serve items if they are not up to the mark (no guacamole if the avocados aren't good)

The food is good, a few touches to ensure authenticity and finding a way to serve missing items like refried beans etc will get them into a 9. Check them out !!!

Food : 8/10
Service : 9/10
Damage 1100

Sammy Sosa
Shop No. 18, Meera CHS
Oshiwara Link Road
Oshiwara, Andheri (W), Mumbai
65278722, 65278744


luvstonz said...

...keep the idiots happy!

Anaggh A. Desai said...

They are improving everytime you visit or order! But the people around do not understand Mexican:) so we are in a majority of only couple of us:)

Gaurav said...

yeah i know what you mean. Most cuisine in Bombay leans heavily towards the Gujarati palate as they are the most popular patrons.

Delhi does not have that kind of a leaning & that is possibly why they have some fabulous variety in cuisines.

I hate them for it.

i do think that there is a market to do authentic Mexican.

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