Sunday, December 21, 2008

The Tasting Room

Rest : The Tasting Room
Loc : Good Earth Store, Raghuvanshi Estate, Lower Parel
Meal : Lunch

The Good Earth store is an oasis of high end minimalist calm in the packed Raghuvanshi Estate in Lower Parel. On the ground floor they sell goodies for home and living while the first floor has a small cafe (about 35 seater) with a full scale menu. The rest of the space is the store.

The menu is Italy via the Mediterranean so no mezze but plenty of pasta. There are some fairly interesting dishes on the menu as well as a decent wine list. The place itself is not very fussy but you need to get there early because it gets busy by 1. So post 1 reserve a table if you dont want to wait for a few mins.

We started of with a roast tomato soup which was just brilliant. Not too sweet not too sour just right, mixed with some cream it went down really well. The portion was fairly large too and easy to share with another.

There was a black currant iced tea which i was told was brilliant, i had the tangy bull which was red bull, orange juice & sprite. Awesome.

The Greek salad was fresh and cold, i wish they had thrown some more feta in there, however it tasted great and i hope it is served as fresh each time.

The spaghetti with sun dried tomatoes and grilled vegetables was served in a dry tomato sauce, the taste with the veggies was fairly exquisite. It was again just the right kind of dry and had a unique taste. Pretty imaginative , def a bit of an international taste rather than local Italian.

The Jalapeno Polenta was serve with grilled vegetables, tomato as well as a drizzle of pesto. By itself it was average however when you marry it with some of the accompaniments it was fairly brilliant.

Overall the food is superior the ambiance is good and the service is average.

Food : 8/10
Service : 7/10
Damage : 1400

The Tasting Room
Good Earth, Raghuvanshi Mills Compound
Senapati Bapat Marg
Lower Parel, Mumbai
65285284, 24951954


The knife said...

I like the fairly laidback atmosphere here. We went there a few weeks for a quick celebration and quite enjoyed it as the place seemed quite different. As you have pointed out, the food was quite different too. We had a penne pasta with chorizo. The meat was very good and for once the pasta was well flavoured with the meat. Most places add the meat right at the end which makes no sense for someone who has ordered a non vegetarian pasta. When i cook at home I always ensure that the meat flavours form the base of the sauce. I liked their chicken in teriyaki sauce. The chicken was very tender despite it being a breast piece. That talks volumes about the quality of the chicken. The presentation of the food is very nice too. Completely agree with your rating. I have recommended it to a few people since. here's my take on the place

Gaurav said...

Interesting. I find there is a spate of nouveau menus that experiment a lot with dishes. Starting with Indigo and trickling down.

I liked the imagination put into the dishes at Verandah, places like Moshe have sort of stagnated when it comes to creativity (though the food is still great)

Ill def be heading back here soon.

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