Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Samrat - Thali

Rest : Samrat
Loc : Churchgate
Meal : Lunch

Previous visit here

Another thali afternoon at Samrat, the busy Churchgate eatery patronised by businessmen in the area, women on their kitty as well as some of us who just come there for the food.

the thali is usually decent at Samrat, my brother had never in all his years had a thali here, while i havent had the a la carte North Indian food here in a long time.

one of my fav things was the chaas, which was served chilled with plenty of refills.

the salads, the snack and munchies were more or less average. nothing spectacular.

the sweet dal and the sweet kadhi were both fantastic and are usually the mainstay of a thali most places.

unlike other places they didnt offer a bhakri but a thepla and a normal roti. they also serve rice, pulao & khichadi which is slightly more options than most other thali places.

the dessert was an average rasmalai.

Overall, its a busy place at lunch time and the service is geared towards dealing with it. I like their thali i find its better than their sister restaurant Status.

Food : 8/10
Service : 8/10
Damage : 550

A primer on thalis is here

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Soham Shah said...

Plz review some restaurants of Navi Mumbai too !! ..

By the way, i always hv fun reading ur reviews abt the different hotels and cosines ..

Keep up the good work, buddy !!

Gaurav said...


hey, thanks for reading. unfortunately i rarely get out that far but whenever i have a chance ill def look up something there.

do let me know if you have any recommendations.

Anonymous said...


What an awesome blog!!!!! I am hooked.....and i love the way you explain stuff with pictures....It really makes a difference..

I will be reading the blog and plan my nite outs in bbay the next time I come there....Thanks a bunch...


Gaurav said...


thanks for visiting :) i got some exciting updates coming from my trip to Delhi as well as one from your town of Bangalore


A Virtual Vegetarian said...

not fair....the pics are soooo inviting. Now I just have to roll up my sleeves and make some these goodies myself...

Gaurav said...

thankfully its not my calling.. i just get to eat and snap away :)


Trupti said...

great post....I haven't had a 'thali' meal in ages....Looks great!
Cool blog...will be back to read more!


Soham Shah said...

well, in navi mumbai there are several nice restaurants ..

I guess u will surely love visiting:

Shikara - Near Sanpada Railway Station

Sagar - Sector 17, Vashi (Just above the hotel Navratna)

Chenab - Near Sagar Vihar, vashi

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