Monday, December 15, 2008

Delhi Eat - Sarvanan Bhavan

Rest : Sarvanan Bhavan
Meal : Lunch
Loc : Connaught Place
Company : Sweets, Mon, Raj,P

Delhi as i mentioned before has been a revelation when it comes to restaurants. One of the gems around the very busy Connaught Place or CP as locals call it is Sarvanan Bhavan, a south Indian eatery.

Sarvanan Bhavan has quite a few branches around the south of India, they serve staples such as Idli, Dosa and a bunch of thalis as well. the place gets fairly crowded and its best to get their slightly early to avoid a wait. Being there with a large group meant i could sample a lot.

we started with the Rasam, which was hot, fiery and excellent, not too spicy which is good.

They are famous for their 14 idlis in sambar with ghee, its one of their signature dishes and fairly popular. The idlies were excellent and almost melted in your mouth. good stuff this!!!

the dosa was crisp, just like i prefer em, very well done, tasty, slightly sweet on their own. They cam with a bunch of chutneys, i am not a fan of green but it was good nonetheless.

The tomato onion uttapam was fairly disappointing . The sambar and chutney added enough taste to make it better though.

The medu vada i did not taste but i was told it was pretty on the money.

The thali was what i ordered. It was def not bad, however it was just too much similar stuff along the same lines which sort of made things confusing. None of it was bad or bland just too much harmony, no contrast. Maybe a dish less would have helped.

Overall the food was very good, the service was quick and the line we saw whilst leaving vouches for the popularity of the place. Good stuff.

Food : 8/10
Service : 7/10
Damage : 1200

Sarvanan Bhavan
46, Janpath
Connaught Place, Delhi
23317755, 23316060


Anaggh A. Desai said...

Their Dahi Wada - sour/sweet with their special Chilli is something to try out the next time you are there.

Gaurav said...

oh well. dont know when ill be in Delhi next.

thanks though !

? said...

Gaurav, I have quoted your post and given a link in my blog. Good pictures!

Anita Duggal said...

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