Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Don Giovanni

Rest : Don Giovanni
Loc : 4th Floor, Atria Mall, Worli
Meal : dinner

Don Giovanni has been a big name in Italian dining but has been relegated to the suburban crowd along with Little Italy. Now DG brings its Italian fare to South Bombay and has to put up with out snobbish review of the place.

After having canceled twice we finally made it there over the weekend. Anyway, the decor is typical dim lighting, minimum spacing and there is no real bar. The menu is fairly expansive so there is plenty to try for vegetarians and non-vegetarians. I would recommend getting a proper menu made rather than printouts which seems cheap.

The chef is of course Italian which is very evident in the first page itself where he reminds you that the first basket of bread is free but then on its 50 bucks for bread and 50 bucks for Olive oil. Last time i checked we didnt levy bread charges. whats next ? cover charges for restaurants. This isn't Venice. Also the bread isnt worth 50 bucks. sorry!

The Bruschetta was tomato and olive oil, slightly on the saltier side but not bad. Although no one at the table was impressed with it. I have had some tremendous Bruschetta across the street at the Ivy

The Fagioli soup is pasta and beans. This was an average soup, nothing great, fairly thicky and heavy, pity they didnt offer a Minestrone.

The main course was Lasagna which was excellent, just the right bake and sauce. Worked well. The Risotto and this is what i reckon we should judge restaurants by was bloody weak.

There are tremendous risottos available in this city (Basilico, Moshe, Celini) What i got tasted a lot like a Khichadi and even looked like one, if they didnt have mushrooms i would have had to ask for some yogurt and papad.

The tiramisu was too creamy but had plenty of liqueur.

Over all the place is dull and constricted, the food is unimaginative and joyless. There is plenty to try so maybe another visit before i really make up my mind.

The service was fairly slow too, good thing i asked them for the entrees before the appetizers came in.

Food : 6/10
Service : 6/10
Damage 2000 without drinks for 3.


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Simran said...

The bread IS worth 50 bucks, and more!

And a tip from a suburbian. No one ever eats tiramisu in Don Giovanni. They have a nougat dessert that's the best in the world.

Gaurav said...


Sorry but the bread wasnt worth 50 bucks and its preposterous to charge for bread.

If i ever end up there again i will give the nougat a shot. However a staple such as a tiramisu should be done well dont you think?

Kasturi said...

Don Giovanni is indeed quite snobbish esp for the mediocre fare they churn out...completely agree, found the 50 bucks extra thing outlandish...

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