Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Kebabs n Kurries

Restaurant : Kebabs n Kurries
Location : ITC Grand Central, Parel
Meal : Dinner

India has a few major hotel chains and ITC is the most Indian of the chains with specialist restaurants doing Asian, South Indian, North Indian cuisine. Kebabs n Kurries at ITC Parel is one of my favorite restaurants and is like visiting all the ITC restaurants at once. It assimilates the best dishes from across all the ITC restaurants.

The space is large, well lit and comfortable. The table setting is simple you get onions, pickles and lots of pappad.
The smartest thing to do is either avoiding appetizers and going straight into the food or to make a meal from the appetizers themselves. As the name suggests there is plenty of kebabs and kurries of all kinds and you can choose from a pretty strong list.

We chose the qaz e qaza which is a paneer dish with a heavy, red gravy, the paneer is stuffed with peas and it is delectable. A absolute must have is the Dal Bukhara, nowhere else is this dish made right. Absolutely spot on.

The bread selection is a little uninteresting, you have the staples but nothing interesting like the Sheermal etc.

The rice dish is very interesting, the yellow and white pulao with raisinis, is served with a side of yoghurt. If you can hold out till then, this rice goes fantastically well with the Dal bukhara.

Rarely do i get Indian desserts, however the Kulfi Falooda, ensure you get the one served in a glass. Its a tall glass with kulfi, falooda, rose syrup. Just perfect way to end a great meal.

Overall the restaurant is great as is the food. The service is friendly, quick and attentive. Definitely one of the best restaurants to eat out at in Bombay.

Food : 9/10
Service : 8/10
Damage : 2500 for two without drinks.


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Absolutely fantastis blog-BRILLIANT! I feel so hungry after reading your entries! Well done,and keep it up.Best Wishes,Ram

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