Monday, July 28, 2008

I love pizza. I really do. I have it everywhere i can just to see how well its done. There are some splendid options while in Bombay. However delivery pizza is fairly weak across corners. The only good service is Papa Johns which isnt available in south Bombay yet.

Still, we persist with bad delivery pizza because its all we can get. However i draw the line at food that makes you sick. I think the pizza hut found out about my blog and how i love Papa Johns and tried to poison me. I kid you not.

We ordered some delivery, with no toppings just plain old cheese the three of us who had it fell sick over the weekend. Diarrhea, vomitus, upset stomach, name it. we had it. It was not a fun way to spend Sunday i tell you.

Not only is Pizza Hut bad but its a health hazard. Thanks but no thanks.

I would avoid it from now on like the plague. I suggest you do the same.


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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chikna said...

I agrre with you on that dude...a year back i was in bombay and was goin through of my friend felt for some pizza and we planned to go to pizzahut over there....BIG mistake....i ordered a pizza with chicken, onions and jalapenos. The jalapenos looked like nobody has ordered it from the time since they was completely foul. We asked them to take it back and asked for a regular pizza with the veggies that we get around in the market..Still tht pizza was pretty dissapointing..only thing good were the garlic bread..Compared to pizzahut in USA, which i love, my experience was horrible...

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