Thursday, May 20, 2010

Hot Hot - Indigo Deli Launch at Phoenix Mills

Just returned from the launch of the new Indigo Deli at the Palladium at Phoenix Mills. It was everything i would have expected from the man who changed the way we approach cuisine (atleast in Bombay anyway) I have been a long time admirer of Chef Akerkar, his cuisine has been imaginative but also risky with some misses here and there. Tote, started out impressive but i find the bar to be far greater than the restaurant there.

However, the Indigo Deli at Palladium was fabulous. I am glad for once he didnt try to do anything new there. There is a comfort and safety in going with an old fav.

The place is well designed, modern, yet with an old world feel. It has elements of Indigo deli's design, the wood panels, the narrow lamps, yet with its open kitchen and long long deli bar it has its own identity.
The menu is bound to have new additions, some of which were being served, salmon burgers was one. The lunch menu on the blackboard for the first day was tantaslising.

Although it was the launch and they are expected to be nice to you, this was quite an experience. You know you end up in a restaurant way too much if the waiters know you well and keep coming by with selections. I dont think i had this much attention during my wedding reception.

The food was brilliant, everything was fresh and that really does elevate the food to a whole new plane. The salads were awesome and tasty. Funnily i was at the Indigo Deli for lunch at Colaba and they had nothing to choose from.. but the dinner more than made up for it.

The chilled melon soup was tasty but i dont think i could have done a whole bowl of this, too sweet but perfect in a shot glass.

Ricotta, pine nuts and a strong after taste of black peppers. This was pretty awesome, i think i had like three. Tasted so familiar but i couldnt remember from where.

Pasta in a cream sauce, sounds simple but it was really perfect. enough cream, enough garlic, a dish that can so easily be messed up, done to perfection.Actually it tasted just like mac and cheese they serve at Indigo Deli.Fantastico

The desserts were not bad.

Overall, it was a brilliant evening. Nothing to complaint about at all. Brilliant food, fantastic service, a large spacious place and an upmarket ambiance.

Add to that the visage of Mr.Akerkar walking around with a big smile on his face as he rightly should. My hope is that they keep the standards up.

They open for business tomorrow at lunch. I highly recommend you check it out, i will be there for lunch on Sunday to feast of the regular menu.

This evening was a reminder of a time when we were Kings, i hope to make it on Sunday and find its the same.

Food : 9/10
Service : 9/10

Edit : I was at the Deli for Sunday lunch and they were in quite a mess. Orders being misplaced, orders being forgotten, dishes slowed down. The food was fantastic but the service was flustered. In their defence, the place was packed to the gills and it was only their third day. I expect them to cope better in the days to come. A little dissapointed to see that the menu was not too different..


Adhish said...

Sounds like Indigo has done it again. I can't wait to visit myself though I doubt it will have the charm of the Colaba branch.

Gaurav said...


youll be surprised how interesting the space is. Just forget its in a busy mall and you will be allright.

Anonymous said...

its rubbish food .
and managers are so uncooperative and rude they thing they are the owner of restaurant.but they don't know they are servants.rubbish staff.never come back

Anonymous said...

its nice place but, people working including managers are rubbish rude

Anonymous said...

dissopoting staff

Vinisha said...
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