Monday, February 12, 2007

Moti Mahal - Nariman Point

Rest : Moti Mahal
Meal : Dinner
Date : 1st Feb & 10th Feb 2007
Location :INOX & CR2
Company : Hector, Edie, Leo, Gautam, Wife, Arti, Rahul, Rishab, Sam

Experience- Dim lit, classy ambience, minimalist yet functional. this facility is comfortable and the experience can be easily very private due to the psuedo booth set up.

Drink :Kingfisher, Heineken

Food : We stuck to the basics both times, dahi kebab (too dry) paneer tikka (excellent) stuffed potato (eeek) the main course was dal makhani (good) paneer kadai (excellent) malai kofta (very good) navratan korma (good) along with some garlic naans, their pulao is very different and extremely tasty.

I must also say that the food dosent hurt your stomach the next day, appraently because the spices used are from their own kitchen.

The point was to take my friends from new york and london on for a good indian meal and it worked well as they were all very happy with the food.
The staff is fairly accomodating and pleasant if slightly scatter brained.

Food 8/10 Service 8/10
: first time meal for 4 (2000) second time meal for 7 (4900)

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