Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Moshe - A fantastic meal

Restaurant : Moshe
Meal : Dinner
Location : Moshe, Cuffe Parade
Company: Ze Frau, Rishi, Gotti, Dr.Bones

A truly memorable meal at Moshe last night. It was just mind boggling, the tastes, the contrasts and the overall experience. Moshe almost always does a good spread but last night was just superlative. I wish they would change the menu though. I am glad there was a 45 min wait at the Indigo Deli.

Meal : We started with the Gorgonzola & sun dried tomato fondue (185), and boy it tingled the taste

buds - all the way. The gorgonzola is def the best choice out of the three fondue options they offer. Next up was the med platter which is bascially hummus, eggplant and two other yoghurt and dipping sauces (250) not bad, not spectacular but def above average. The garlic bread with cheese is pretty on the money too.

The main courses were the house special Sicilian Risotto (225) mind bogglingly good, the penne with almond sauce (220) another great dish and las but not the least was the Turlu Turlu (250) a dish of couscous topped with vegetables served with a tomato broth on the side. Each dish i have had on its own, at one time or the other.
First time did we make it a little more communal with all of us sharing. It blew me away. Each dish sort of complemented the other, the sweetness of the risotto, the creaminess of the penne and the relatively spicier couscous.

Drinks : Diet Coke, Iced tea (one of the best you will get anywhere)

Dessert : Mousse Cake (not bad) Tiramisu (not bad either)

Rating : Food 9/10, Service 8.5/10

Damage : 2000


Lulu said...

the fondue sounds delish. i forgot that you had recommended moshe's fondue to me sometime earlier. dying to go now.

Gaurav said...

if you want to try the fondue the best is available at Indigo Deli. Better even then the one from Moshe.

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