Friday, December 15, 2006

The best bloody mary in the whole wide world !

The bloody mary is the holy grail of cocktails. Very difficult to get right and with complex construction. Usually it gets screwed by not being spicy enough, having too much vodka, being too spicy or being served without a salted rim.

I personally have tried cracking the riddle through different permutations Absolut pepper, dangling chilly in vodka for 2 weeks (it was college, give me a break) bloody mary mix (shhh) celery powder, horse radish sauce, short of adding some of my own blood i have tried just about everything. It has never really worked out. Therefore to save my innards from blowing up i decided to just consume this fine work of art from the hands of professionals.

Now i do understand that everyone has a different mandate for what is spicy and what is tasty. However a good bloody mary will make you smile with its complex satisfying taste hidden under a myriad of tomato juice and different spices.

Also, this is MY blog, so we will all go by ME.

A list of the five best places to have this precious cocktail.

(in no particular order )

  1. Gramercy Tavern - New York, New York, ($8 - INR 350)
  2. Marios Via Abruzzi - Rochester, NY ( $5 , INR 225)
  3. Hard Rock Cafe - Bombay ($4.50, INR 200)
  4. Spicy Tom Mary - JW Mariott Bombay ($7 , INR 300)
  5. Gallop - Turf Club, Bombay - ($4.50, INR 200)


Anonymous said...

Wink at Taj President also do a mean Bloody Mary, you should definitly try it.. plus you get bowls full of delish giant green olives.. yum

Gaurav said...

hmm. ill def give their bloody mary a shot since im there often enough. thanks.

Nandita said...

Haha, mother of all coincidences, we used to drive by Mario via Abruzzi almost every week for a whole year :D

Soham Shah said...

wow .. I just love bloody mary and Pinacolada ..

M gonna try it out at the places in mumbai which u hv mentined ..

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