Thursday, August 18, 2011


Rest : Sanchos
Meal : Dinner
Loc : Bandra, Linking Road, Near Citywalk.

I have long lamented(read) the absence of Mexican, or more accurately Tex-Mex cuisine in Bombay. I was very happy when Starboard introduced a Mexican menu, although on the more authentic side, it was still a welcome addition. Sammy Sosa was a decent effort but just way too far, Taco Fresco went down hill very fast.

So imagine my joy when i heard Sancho's was finally opening its doors in Bandra, i had been to their Delhi outlet and had totally loved it (read) Although they have been open for a while, its been difficult to get out to Bandra for a meal.

The ambiance of the place is part cantina, part restaurant by committee, a little more character would have made the space more interesting, however they have thankfully avoided the kitsch unlike Sammy Sosa.

The menu is more or less standard of what you would expect at a Mexican eatery, more paneer than i would like but then this is India, paneer is everywhere. The chips and salsa, i think should be free because that way one does not have to feel bad when the chips are tasteless and the salsa all fire and no flavour.

The Burrito was brilliant, just about perfect, an ideal tex mex version perfect for the Indian palate.

The hard shell tacos were not bad, not great either but just didnt hit the mark.

the bean and cheese enchiladas were a disaster, a hodge podge of veggies, beans cheese and a tomato sauce, really wasnt going anywhere this one. i also think this one has been localised too much, there really is no reason to have it drowning in sauce.

the sides we had were mexican rice which was way too dry, perhaps microwaved after being cooked, the refried beans too were way below par. Maybe its because we dont use lard in India.

Overall, i think the ambiance is decent but the food really has some way to go before its really there. The Burrito was great but all the other dishes fell flat,really needs to be a slight rejig with the way the dishes were prepped. Perhaps a tip or two from their Delhi branch.Also with the sides, they need to experiment some more, throw in some mex style mashed potato as well, add variety.

Service was friendly and pretty quick, which means lots of food is pre-prepared and heated which shows.

Food : 6/10
Service : 8/10
Damage : 2300 for 3 without drinks


Sunir said...

Hi Gaurav ,
from all of your post i had a perception that you are a veggie.

Just wanted to make sure you know Lard is "pig fat"

The knife said...

I quite likes Sanchos though. Tried two dishes the - soft tacos with pork - the Mexican and not Tex Mex stuff. And the pork mole which didn't excite. I felt that the dish was good but chocolate in khana doesnt work for me. Closest I have come to Mexican is Mamasita at Melbourne so can by no means claim to be an authority. But after Bourdain's Cook's Tour and No Reservations would love to go to Mexico to eat some day

Gaurav said...

@ Sunir thanks, i do know what lard is hence my statement about it not being used in India considering Hindus & Muslims both comprise a large part of the population and would not use it.

@ KK, Sanchos was disappointing especially as their Delhi branch is pretty good.

I once drove from Arizona to Mexico City over a two week Christmas break. I love tex-mex but regular Mexican food is different from it.

Wahaca in London is a good example to try out something more along the lines of Joe Mexican cuisine and oddly enough Starboard at Taj serves something along the lines too. Although i prefer the Tex-Mex variety.

Gaurav said...

@ Sunir, i am more or less a vegetarian but i have a wide experience with a lot of food :)

Sunir said...

:) I think in India , they use lot of butter in place of Lard though!

aru said...

Can someone pls give me the address for sanchos in delhi.its shut down in south ex and also in cp..thanks

Gaurav said...

Hi Aru,

those were the only two locations i know of in Delhi.. not sure but you can try the brand owners at Tel 91 22 67105555.

The Bombay one is in Bandra West.

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