Saturday, March 14, 2009

Atrocious Cafe Moshe - Colaba

Rest : Cafe Moshe
Loc : Colaba, right next to Indigo Deli
Meal : Early Dinner

Moshe is one of my favorite restaurants, apart from the flagship there are numerous cafes spread across South Bombay. The one at Crosswords is one of the best (when it has all the items on the menu)

So when we heard that a new one had opened in Colaba, we decided to check it out, as it turns out, we shouldn't have bothered. The menu was supposed to be different from most of their cafes, they even have the fondues hitherto available only at the mothership.

The iced tea was allright, not a bad start.

the chocolate milkshake was average

we had the sun dried tomato and garlic fondue, not bad. Moshe has always done a good job with the fondue and it was evident with this one.

The pasta salad was disgusting, it was just some cream dressing with greens and cherry tomato's. It was just wrong to serve this as a dish, absolutely lacked taste, ingredients or imagination.

The pasta in tomato sauce was again, fairly horrible. No taste, no imagination, a generic tomato sauce thrown on some penne. I wish they had just retained the Moshes Penne which is a dish they perfected but this was just sick.

The sandwich was pickled aubergine and greens. Again, disgusting (homerun) no taste, no point, no imagination.

Overall, the ambiance is just average, the seating is limited and the service is okay. Indigo Deli next door will not be threatened by this outlet unless they take their game up a WHOLE notch.

The food is below par in almost every respect, which is shocking considering their pedigree and experience. I can chalk it down to its absolute newness but even in that case the service can be below par (which it wasn't) but the food should not be. Maybe Mr.Shek needs to slowdown his ever expanding chain and focus on the quality of the food.

Food : 3/10
Service : 6/10
Damage : approx 1100


Simran said...

Haven't been to the colaba one yet, but my absolute favorite cafe is the one inside Kala Ghoda's Fabindia. But none of these cafes can beat the original Moshe's experience.

Tried the new Indigo Cafe in Andheri?

Gaurav said...


i go to the one at Crosswords fairly often and its brilliant. The one at FabIndia i have never been to. I dont think ill ever go back to the one in Colaba though. It was horrible.

Was just at Indigo Deli for brunch today, BRILLIANT!!!!

Andheri is just too far. Someday i guess.

Sid Khullar said...

Know what you mean and it happens a lot... expansion takes priority over the quality of food, service, staff and the overall customer experience.

pv said...

c i went in july n had tapenade green tea etc etc
was nice. the cafe in fab and crossword's is sad.
they ve a restaurant in cuffe parade on d lines of cafe indigo. dunno howd at is but its more expensive.
they r sensitive to veggies:)

Gaurav said...

The crosswords cafe is a place i spend a few hours a month at and find it to be fairly adequate for a light meal and a snack. The menu again has not changed in a long time but it continues to satisfy.

The cuffe parade restaurant is the signature Moshe and offers an expansive menu and daily specials.

They do a pretty good job, i did have a terrible breakfast there once but they have usually been fairly solid.

The only problem i have with them is that the menu or specials dont change enough..

Afterthoughts said...

thanks for the review ... it helped I was on my way there this weekend with my sister we are exploring other options

Anonymous said...

Ditto on their new outlet at the Palladium. Uninspired, soul-less and frankly just plain gross. Your recurring word, "disgusting" fits it to a t. What a fall :-(

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