Sunday, December 17, 2006

Thai Ban

Rest : Thai Ban
Meal : Lunch
Date : 17/12/2006
Location :St John Road, Bandra
Company : Pie, Anie

Experience- A pretty small place this, its nestled between Papa Pancho and Cafe Basilico, the decor is ok, they dont have more seating than 30 i reckon and the ambience is eveningish, cosy and casual.

Drink :Water, Fresh Lime Soda, Ice Tea

Food : Sticking to the staples, we got the Tom Yum Soup which was a bit ginger heavy but the tangy after taste was interesting.
The appetizers consisted of schezuan potato (dont even ask, my protests were disregarded) it was spicy, generic schezuan taste, we also had the baby corn mushroom satay which was on the money, rich full taste and enough portions to make 3 people happy.
The main course was just green curry with rice, pretty good here,but again, it all tastes the same, as if all thai cooks seem to be cooking from the same recipe book. bit dissapointing that but no complaints.

: Food 8/10, Service 8/10

Damage : 800 ($17)

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