Sunday, December 03, 2006

Corleone - Repeat Visit

Rest : Corleone
Meal : Dinner
Date : 2/12/2006
Location :The Intercontinental, Marine Drive
Company : Pie

Experience - Got in slightly earlyish around 7.30, the place was empty and we got the perfect table by the windows. The ambience was fantastic, once the lights dimmed.

Drink : Lemon Something (not lemonade) Bloody Mary

Food : We repeated the lemon drink we ordered on our first visit.still good. Now the soups were Pomodoro (tomato) and mushroom, both soups were underwhelming, especially since the tomato had been great before.

The appetizer was mushroom in olive oil and stuffing and the anti pasti, combined, the maitre d offered this to us since we werent happy with the soup. Very good, the oil and stuffing didnt overpower the mushrooms taste and the anti pasti was pickeled and then marinaded and served with rictotta cheese. The ricotta makes the dish.

For the entree we got the penne in an arrabiataesque sauce (should have avoided the eggplant in it) but overall it was a good dish.

I would like to say the service was excellent however, attentive, gracious and above the call of duty.

Damage : 1600 ($35)
Rating : Food 9/10, Service 9.5/10

Damage : 1600($35 )

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