Saturday, December 03, 2005


Rest : Trattoria
Time : Midnite Snack
Date : 23th Nov 2005
Location : The Taj President
Company : Vishal

Experience : We got there around 12.30 am and were seated almost immediately. Trattoria is quite a popular eatery especially for the late night brigade. It is also one of the biggest restaurants in that part of town.

Order : Minestrone Soup, Thin crust pizza with garlic, peppers, jalapenos and olives.

Drinks : Water

Since it was late we didnt order much. Minestrone Soup & Green peppers, Garlic, Jalapenos and Olives on a thin crust. The soup came with assorted breads, rye, white, brown and soupsticks. The soup itself was ok, not too bad but not exactly authentic. No option to add fresh pepper to it either. The bread was very good but i wish they offered some kind of cheese along with instead of butter. The pizza. Oh the pizza. Incredible, unbelievable, gourmet pizza. The thin crust, the mixture of tastes, once you put it in your mouth it explodes into different experiences and then you chew and it all comes toegter in one cheesy taste. Def one of the best pizzas i have ever had (almost as good as the Bruschetta pizza i had at Salvatores on Yonge Stree in TO, CA)

Overall :
Pizza 9/10, Soup 7/10, Bread 9/10

Damage :
800 INR ($17)

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