Monday, December 26, 2005


Rest : Shagun
Time : Lunch
Date : 29th Dec 2005
Location : Bombay Central
Company :Dad, Felix

Experience : Got there around 2.30. which is post lunch and post rush. It is near my office and was the quickest, cleanest place to go for a bite. We got in, were seated immediately and like most South Indian run places the waiter was there immediately and he meant business.

Order : We all got 'thalis' which is like a sit down buffet if you will but in our case we got the limited one where we get everything served right up front and there are no seconds.

Drinks : Aquafina

Food : The food was allright. My father got the Gujarati version which had staples like Cabbage and tomato, potatoes in dal, gravy, beans, samosa appetizer, butter milk (my fav) rotis, poppadums, 2 desserts. The ones Felix and i got were the north indian ones which is much more lavish, and has more dishes. It is also not as sweet as the Gujarati version. We got a liquid appetizer of Jal jeera, which Felix thought was disgusting so i had both his and mine. We had dishes of paneer, potatoes in tomato gravy, a spicy black dal, chick peas, choice of tandoor based roti or nan.Poppadums, Pulao, Fruit salad and a dessert.
The food wasnt too bad. Thalis are usually a gamble because you are going in hoping you get dishes you like and not something you dislike. As you dont have much of a choice in choosig your dishes. Fortunately the food was good.

Overall : Gujarati thali 6/10, North Indian 7/10

Damage : 200INR ($5)

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