Monday, December 12, 2005

Not Just Jazz by the Bay

Rest : Not Just Jazz by the Bay
Time : Sunday Brunch
Date : 12th Dec 2005 (& most Sundays)
Location : Marine Drive opposite The Ambassador
Company : Felix, Gautam, Vishal

Experience : Sunday brunch is quite popular at NJJBTB therefore one must get there by 1-1.15 to get seated right away. Even at that time it is about 80% full. We got in on time and were seated right away. The table was ok, in fact its the table i usually end up seated on.

Order : It is a buffet

Drinks : Kingfisher, Diet Coke, Ice Tea

Food : How it works is you have a choice of Soup(which is brought to you if it isnt too crowded) a choice of about 8 sandwiches (cheese + mushroom, cajun chicken, BLT etc) Salads & Dessert. The soup on Sundays is Tomato (not too bad) the sandwich i most often get is Cheese & Mushroom.
Salads : They have a spread of about 25 salads to choose from. Some of them from memory are Cole Slaw, Spicy potato, cottage cheese & pineapple, noodle salad Italian style, tomato and mozzarella, assorted beans, Hummus and Pita (very good) Dessert is usually quite disgusting (Choc, Strawberry Mousse, Weird cakes) There is also a selection of cold cuts for the omnivores
The spread is quite extensive, varied and fresh tasting. You get a smattering of different cusinies and it is quite light on the stomach. The difficulty is in really finding the bits you like and then going back for them.

: I reckon Soups 6/10, Sandwiches 7/10, Salads 9/10, Dessert 3/10

Damage : Around 1400 INR ($35) Although the Buffet itself is 225INR($6.50) + taxes

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